• Group files petition against mining firm


    AGHAM Party-list President and former Rep. Angelo Palmones on Thursday led the filing of the Writ of Kalikasan petition before the Supreme Court against DMCI Mining to protect the environment as well as the residents of Zambales province.

    Palmones, a staunch environmentalist, filed the case on behalf of the Zambales people who are complaining about DMCI’s mining operations.

    “We would like for the Supreme Court to issue a restraining order against DMCI Mining operations in the area and look into the report that the mining company has actually levelled a mountain so that they can create a foreshore for the port to be used in their mining operations” Palmones said.

    Impleaded in the petition are the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA).

    Agham PL believes that the two agencies should be part in the collective efforts to protect the environment from abuse which comes in disguise as industrial

    Palmones pointed out that the mining industry will be at the center of attention next year because the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd is pushing for the immediate implementation of a new mining act anchored on Executive Order No. 79.

    “Congress is focusing on the business of mining, weighing the economic gains vis-à-vis environmental concerns, and ensuring that the rights of the indigenous people in the mining areas are protected, that is why it is critical that the mining operators are following the rules and not violating the laws,” Palmones explained.

    Palmones said the accusation against DMCI Mining’s operations in Zambales is alarming that is why Agham PL has appealed to the High Court to intervene on behalf of the petitioners so that a balanced and healthy ecology is restored in Zambales and that the environmental properties of the province is protected, preserved and immediately rehabilitated.


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