• Group hits underpayment of Filipino household workers


    Filipino household workers in the United Arab Emirates are reportedly receiving less than the $400 mandatory monthly pay.

    As such, Manila-based manning agencies urged the government to take steps to improve the situation.

    Marcia Sadicon, vice chairman of Coalition of Licensed Agencies Deploying Domestic and Service Workers (Clauds), said that the mandated salary rate is the main reason why the UAE government has directed its recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai not to hire Filipino maids.

    “UAE does not want to comply with the mandatory $400 salary. Actually, many workers there right now are receiving less than $300,” Sadicon said.

    She added that UAE recruitment agencies have no choice but to follow the directive of the Ministry of Interior.

    However, despite the peculiar situation, a number of Filipino domestic helpers still leave the country for UAE.

    Dolly Uanang, president of Clauds, advised Filipino household workers now in UAE to hold a work stoppage immediately upon learning that their salary is bellow $400. She said a $400-monthly salary is included in the unified contract between Filipino domestic helpers and their employers.

    “The moment you [receive]your incomplete salary, immediately tell your employer that they are obliged to pay you $400. No less. If they [refuse], then tell them you will not work. If they decide to send you out, then good. Just go to the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office or call the office first for guidance,” Uanang said in a forum in Manila.


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