Group nudges BIR on ITR e-filing extension


The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) should immediately disseminate nationwide its decision to extend the April 15 deadline for filing income tax returns through electronic means to June 15 to avoid public confusion, the Tax Management Association of the Philippines (TMAP) said on Monday.

TMAP ex-officio member Rina Manuel said they are concerned that the extension would cause confusion among taxpayers because of possible crossed signals between the main office and the district offices nationwide.

“We’ve also noted the BIR asking taxpayers to re-file the ITR forms electronically even after allowing them to do manual filing,” she said.

In a circular released over the weekend, the BIR extended the deadline for electronically filed “No Payment” ITRs until June 15.

But the April 15 deadline for manual filing for “No Payment” ITRs will still be in effect. The BIR said it allowed the extension for “No Payment” returns so that the bureau can concentrate on returns with payments.

Manuel said lack of information often results in confusion, especially when the revenue district offices are unaware of the circular issued by the main office.

“The BIR should humbly accept that it is not the taxpayers at fault and as such, they should not be burdened by additional compliance procedures and worse, even get penalized for it,” she said.

But at the same time, the TMAP welcomed the extension because “it is a positive response to the public clamor for the deferment of eBIR forms,” Manuel said.


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  1. The memo from Commissioner Henares is confusing.

    As early as last March, I already paid my tax due at the bank.

    Before transacting at the bank. I passed by my BIR RDO to personally make queries. The officers never mentioned about re-filing the ITR electronically.

    BIR created all these confusion and their online system does not work properly.

    Why penalize paying individuals for being not able to re-file electronically?

    Where are their balls to go after the real tax evaders?

  2. jude guerrero on

    BIR-Main web site and RDO 45 district office have posted exact/same policies in filing ITR but assigned personnel Counters 3 and X have their own, i.e., complete disregard of queuing system, requiring more than two copies for no payment ITR’s.