• ‘Group plotting Aquino ouster’


    LEADERS of a group who want to overthrow President Benigno Aquino 3rd and replace him with someone else have held several meetings to iron out their plan, according to Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

    The group is being financed by a very “rich” man who is known to have funded similar coup attempts in the past, she disclosed on Thursday.

    “I have intelligence, as of yesterday [Wednesday], that leaders of certain alphabet soup acronyms who are familiar with the public had a recent meeting because they wanted to discuss how to stage a coup d’etat,” Santiago said, adding that the plotters should be arrested.

    “All of those planners should be arrested immediately because like any other crime under the penal code, the crime of coup d’etat has three stages, attempted, frustrated [and]consummated,” Santiago said.

    In a news conference after attending a Senate committee hearing on the Mamasapano clash, she also disclosed that the ouster of Aquino was the subject of a “summit” meeting among the leaders of a “rogue” group planning to eliminate the President.

    The senator said the group has not yet reached a consensus on who would replace Aquino if he was ousted.

    “But they have been meeting with their financier, the most prominent financier is the richest man of all,” Santiago told reporters.

    The senator refused to identify the group’s financier, saying she does not want to make a big deal out of it.

    “I am against the removal of President Aquino by any means except those that are legal. As President, he can only be impeached,” she said.

    “No matter how bitterly I criticize President Aquino, I am a lawyer and I still remain standing behind the rule of law. If he should leave his office, let him leave at a proper time but not by extra-legal means,” the senator added.

    Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin also on Thursday confirmed that they had received reports about the plot against the President.

    He said the Defense department is verifying the reports.

    “There were reports but we’re very confident that the military will not be involved in a coup d’etat,” Gazmin added.

    Rumors of a brewing coup circulated after the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) members in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on January 25.

    But Malacañang is also confident that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is ready to stop any coup attempt against the government.

    “Lahat ng mga banta laban sa estado ay tinututukan at ganap ang kahandaan ng ating sandatahang lakas laban sa mga bantang iyan [We are monitoring all threats against the State and the Armed Forces is fully prepared to meet such threats],” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a news briefing.

    “Katungkulan ng sandatahang lakas na pigilan at puksain ang lahat ng kalaban ng estado at ginagampanan nila ang tungkuling ito sa lahat ng pagkakataon [It is the AFP’s duty to stop and crush the enemies of the State and they are faithfully doing their job at all times],” Coloma added.


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    1. coup not needed…a piece of paper, small amount of ink and a one liner sentence would be enough, mr prez, sir. you can go!

    2. For God sake, can we learn from the pass how coup ruin our country? we must be vigilant not to allowed those crooked mind to succeed. We already got a President that for the last 20 years I havent seen so straight, sincere and not corrupt. He may not be perfect. but our country is really moving forward today. For so long I wish we got this kind of President now we have . Im not willing to lose it . I will support him bec. I believed in him. The killing of the SAF commando must be blame solely to the MILF . They commited the crime and cuddled the terrorist period.

    3. Karamihan sa inyo na Hindi gusto ang mahal kong Presidente Aquino ay walang pagmamahal sa inang bayan. Mapagsarili kayo at Siguro nabulabog kayo sa mga mabuting pamamaraan ni Aquino. Magdusa kayo dahil Hindi corrupt ang aking leader.

    4. iamwell bungari on

      Coup d’etat is a crime, and it will cost a lot of money and even lives. It will even pull us down economically. Impeachment is legal, but it may also be very costly, and since it is a political process, the votes to impeach and convict depend upon political maneuverings, and horse-trading. Resignation is legal. Least cost. More honorable way.

    5. Anima A. Agrava on

      BS Aquino can also be pressured to RESIGN, Madam Senator. And People Power can make sure that the lawful successor Binay rule with a Cabinet made up of the most moral and competent Filipinos around–include you or your choices.

    6. Katungkulan ng sandatahang lakas na pigilan at puksain ang lahat ng kalaban ng estado, ang NUMERO UNONG KALABAN NG ESTADO AY SI BS AQUINO kaya siya ang dapat na puksain. He is the number one violator of the constitution! Putting aside the Mampasano incident.

      • kahit sino pang pres.ang ilagay sa ph.ganon @ganon pa rin ang ph.kasi ang ating mga tao walang ginawa kong di puna ngpuna kahit sino ang nakaupo walang gusto na umunlad ang ph. kundi puro yabang na lang. kung yan ang gusto ninyo sigue ipagpatuloy ninyo yong mga katarantaduhan ninyo.

    7. to the anyone who is against removing aquino asap, eh what if you’r the next vicitm of this student president , what if one of the 44-saf victims is / are your children / any of ur loved ones.We ‘re talking about wasting life and untimely but preventable death. I have great resoect for superiors or anybody in position but if he has proven GROSS IRRESPONSIBILITY , GROSS NEGLIGENCE AND CARE LESS FOR HIS VICITMS (countless times). here is precy aquino who has NO REGARD TO THE CONSTITUTION , BASTOS SA MGA CO-EQUAL ..WALA REPECT SA MGA SENADOR/CONGRESS …. (harap harap inililipat mga alipuspus nila … saan cya kumukuha kapal ng mukha na magpalusot sa mga senador /congress)… SIGE DEFENDSOR BANATAN MO/ BALATAN MO/HUBARAN MO mga SINUNGALING LALO NA YUN PRECY NA CONGENITAL LIAR KAHIT WALA KA SUPORTA SA IBANG SENADOR NA TAGACOVER UP NI PRECY AQUINO

    8. The congress and senate have to be replaced too. A revolutionary government is in order. The only way that justice can be served is to make sure that all the government officials congress and senate who are corrupt should be thrown out to jail and their wealth goes back to the people’s treasury.

    9. Roldan Guerrero on

      In these days Pnoy is the No.1 enemy of the state, no need to mention the reasons as every Filipinos know these things. The last of which he committed is the gravest ever in the history of this nation that on a single day 44 Elite SAF Members were killed as an aftermath of his incompetence to lead this nation. He must voluntarily do it now as this is the best he would do. His continued stay in power will devide this country further and finally will lead to a failed state which is almost completely ruined by now.