Group seeks closure of education programs


A GROUP of education reform advocates has renewed its call for the closure of the teacher education programs of schools that performed poorly in the licensure examination for teacher (LET) in the last eight years.

The Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) said at least half of the country’s 1,800 teacher education institutions (TEIs) performed below the national passing rate.

“Many of our TEIs are of low quality because less than half are performing above the average, so more than half are performing below the national average. That’s already putting the bar fairly low because the national average is not that high,” PBEd executive director Love Basillote said.

“It’s actually the lowest performing licensure exam in the country . . . at least the biggest popular one is the lowest average at 31 percent,” Basillote added.

The group noted that 22 TEIs consistently scored below the 20 percent mark. Of this number, 13 had zero overall passing rates.

“Other major recommendation is also to close down those programs that have been performing consistently badly, and our standard for bad is less than 20 percent of their graduates passed the licensure exam,” Basellote said.

“We are also calling on the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to disclose the licensure examination for teachers so that experts can scrutinize it whether really it’s a good screening or not,” she added.

PBEd research director Dylan Dellosa said the licensure examination for teachers should be reformed.

“We must open it up to validity testing and item analysis, involve TEIs in test development, and revive the three-strike rule for takers,’” Dellosa said.

PBEd also offered longer-term solutions in teacher development. One is selective TEI admissions for only the top 20 percent of the graduating high school batch to enter teacher education programs. Another is portfolio-based training and certification, where students and teachers build their competencies and expertise through a lifelong system of building credentials, a practive being implemented in Singapore and Finland.


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