Group seeks full enforcement of mobility law for disabled


Members of Call Center Philippines (CCP) have called on the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) for full implementation of a law making easier for disabled commuters to travel to their respective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offices.

According to CCP co-founder Alvin Gultiano, several of them have witnessed struggles of persons with disability (PWD) while commuting because of obstructions in infrastructure.

“We are aware that the work of the [NCDA] has been pivotal in improving the lives of Filipinos with disabilities. This is why we believe that the influence and presence of NCDA can empower many more PWD in their pursuit of a good life,” CCP president Immanuel Balingit said in an open letter to the council.

The group asked to push for the full implementation of Batas Pambansa 344 or “An Act to Enhance the Mobility of Disabled Persons by Requiring Certain Buildings, Institutions, Establishments and Public Utilities and Other Devices” and other pertinent laws to build and renovate proper infrastructure to provide assistance to commuting PWD.

“With 1.4 million Filipinos living with disability, the BPO industry can offer so much for those who are willing to persevere,” Balingit said.

According to him, persons with disability “have found gainful employment in the BPO industry” but commuting has made it difficult for some of them to go to work.


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