Groups urge govt on poverty reduction


Improving the quality of life through poverty reduction should be the focus of the country’s post-2015 development agenda, according to the Philippines’ civil society organizations (CSOs).

As a response to the global civil society campaign pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), about 250 Philippine CSOs formed the Beyond2015 Philippines.

“We acknowledge that our country has still a long way to go in achieving the Philippine Development Plan,” according to Bec­kie Malay, United Nations Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) co-convenor and Beyond 2015 Philippines Advocacy Committee chairman.

She added that the Philippines’ CSOs have been very proactive in joining the global efforts to develop a post-2015 rights-based framework for sustainable development, and in crafting the agenda for a better Philippine society.

Beyond2015 Philippines presented and turned over a position paper to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), which stated that poverty reduction should be based on the principles of human rights, social and environmental justice, people’s empowerment, transparency and accountability, respect for cultural diversity, sustainable development, national sovereignty with respect of the right for self-determination of peoples within national boundaries, south-north solidarity and north-south cooperation.

According to the CSOs, the post-2015 framework should challenge the existing economic development paradigm and processes that generate poverty.

Mayvelin U. Caraballo


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  1. Rosauro Feliciano on

    The reason why we are facing uncertainly into projecting the country to reach the aim of poverty reduction is because of our crab mentality; pulling down those who are doing their best for the nation because of self interest without realizing that the effect is not in the best interest of the country and people.