• Growing support fueled INC expansion worldwide


    The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has seen growth worldwide and was able to construct 64 chapels in 12 countries, according to its spokesperson Edwil Zabala.

    With the support of its members from more than 100 countries, 64 chapels abroad were dedicated under the leadership of INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo, Zabala said.

    “Since Ka Eduardo took over the helm of the Church in September 2009, outside the Philippines, the INC has established 64 chapels in a dozen countries in four continents; that’s approximately one chapel for each month he has served as our Executive Minister,” Zabala said.

    “In the United States alone, 37 chapels were established. For the Church, this is only the beginning,” he added.

    Since September 2009, chapels have been dedicated in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Eight more chapels in Canada, Japan, and the United States will be dedicated in the next few months, in areas such as Bakersfield, California; Lubbock, Texas; Jersey City, New Jersey; Orange Park, Florida; Corona, Southern California; High Point, North Carolina; Regina, Canada; and Ibaraki, Japan.

    Zabala said the INC is one of the fastest-growing religious denominations in the world, fueled by the support of Church districts in the United States and other countries, “whose members have enthusiastically supported the Church’s thrust to spread the faith.”

    “We are happy and humbled, not just as INC members, but as citizens of the different countries where we respectively come from. You see people of various nationalities and disparate backgrounds not just embracing the Christian faith but celebrating it in one language: that of Christian love.”

    According to Zabala, services in other countries are conducted the same way they are done in the Philippines, but in the language of the listeners.

    “Non-Filipino ministers have to learn our language, and as a result become very proficient Filipino speakers, while Filipino ministers have to learn the language of the country to which they are assigned. This contributes to the worldwide reach of the INC,” he explained.


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    1. FIRST THE pHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO INVESTIGATE IRREGULARITIES OR CRIME BY ANY RELIGION. WETHERE THY ARE CATHOLICS, PROTESTANT, OR INC. The goverment should be SUPREME. Manipulations by leaders of any religion should not be tolerated, specially abuses of human rights. The government should pursue the investigation even until the gates of hell.

      • nagkarun na ng investigation di ba? kaya nga dismiss yung kaso nila samson sa inc. ano pa bng pinagmamaktol mo jan.

    2. Yes the attendance of these churches are only less than 10. The number of churches is not a determining factor of the magnitude of the church. You can have as many churches as you have but if the congregants in every churches have only less than 10 and sometimes just the ministers who are present then that’s not an indication of growth. Why don’t INC also try to build their churches in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and some other Middle Eastern countries where there are a lot of persecuted Christians (not the cult of INC) and surely INC will not succeed. The INC is telling everybody that they are considered worldwide because some INC Filipino members are OFWs.

      • Before you make comments and make a fool of yourself–do your homework first and learn more about the organization. I know you don’t have the capacity to but at least try. Your opinion about 10 congregants in each Church sounds like you cannot count or if you can–maybe only up to 10. My advice, research and stop living in a cave as you have already shamed yourself with your dumb comment

      • bakit di ka mag try sumamba sa isang local kong saan ka nakatira para Makita mo yong sinasabi mong 10 percent lang ang dumadalo sa pagsamba baka sa simbahan ninyo yong sinasabi mo tuwing pasko lang napupuno sa us. nga ibenebenya na sa inc ang mga simbahan dahil wala na daw dumadalo kabaliktaran ng sa inc katunayan d2 lang sa Dubai anim na ang congregation nagsimula lang sa isa noong 1990 ngayon sa dami isang local lang tulad ng satwa libo at di ma accommodate kaya ginawang apat na pag samba sa isang araw at kong di mo alam naka register na sa Bahrain at dto sa u.a.e. at sa india walang Pilipino doon puro indian ang mga brother naming doon mula tinali india kumakalat na sa pangalawang pinakamaraming popolasyon sa buong mundo kaya nga ginigiba na yong maliliit na kapilya dahlia di na sila kasya dahil noon lang 2014 na doble serial no. kaya kong wala kang alam tumahimik ka na lang masama yang ingit sa katawan


      • Such a mindless comment from an obvious INC hater! Get a life and leave this church in peace… it has not done any harm to you, but in fact it has helped millions of Filipinos and other citizens abroad through its socio-economic programs over the years without even asking a cent from the government and non-members like you.