• GTK appeals for 2 Patafa coaches


    Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (Patafa) President Go Teng Kok urged the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to reconsider its decision to remove the monthly allowances of two athletics national coaches.

    The monthly stipends of coaches Joseph Sy and Roselyn Hamero were terminated based on the recommendation of PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez. Sy and Hamero were previously receiving a monthly allowance of P20,000 each.

    “Our athletes and coaches are frustrated and feeling restless. With the way the PSC is behaving. I’ve been meeting with them lately, assuring them that despite the lack of respect and support accorded them by the PSC, the Patafa is behind them all the way,” said Go.

    Gomez cited negligence and tampering the attendance and record of the athletes as grounds for their removal. The two coaches, however, vehemently denied the accusations.

    Go said he got the full backing of the association’s executive board as they slammed the PSC’s action without due process.

    “Where is justice? They accused our local coaches of wrongdoing and dropped in the national team without due process,” stressed Go.

    “While Commissioner Gomez cited the alleged negligence on the part of our local coaches, his own American coach [Ryan Flaherty] who never been joined our athletes in Baguio prior for their preparation for the Myan–mar Southeast Games hopping out with US$5,000 (P200,000) plus living allowances of P25,000 but never condemned,” Go added.

    The PSC, for its part, has already set a meeting on Monday with Patafa officials and the two coaches involved to air their side.

    “If they can present proof to refute the findings of Commissioner in Charge [Gomez], then from there and then Chairman [Richie Garcia] might reconsider and ask the board to form a neutral committee right away to ensure fairness in the hearing,” said PSC Executive Director Atty. Guillermo Iroy Jr.


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