No guarantee Mar is Aquino’s choice


President has open mind on 2016 bet – Palace official

THERE is yet no guarantee that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will endorse Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas as the standard bearer of the Liberal Party (LP) for the 2016 elections, a Palace official said on Thursday.

The official said Aquino maintains an “open mind” on who to support as presidential candidate, admitting that the bet “may come from anywhere.” He made the statement following reports that the President had a closed door meeting with the Vice President on Tuesday night.

The Palace official, who asked not to be identified because he was not allowed ot talk on such matters, said it is too early for Aquino to make a decision on who to endorse for 2016.

“There are a lot of things that may happen between now and late next year. That would be the most crucial time for the president to make a decision. Or, it may even come earlier than expected. It really depends on things to come,” the source pointed out.

A political analyst also said the meeting between Aquino and Binay is “bad news” for Roxas.

According to Ramon Casiple, efforts to identify Binay as a nemesis of the Aquino administration appears to have no effect because the one-on-one meeting between Aquino and Binay clearly shows their strong relationship.

“Definitely, it [meeting is bad news for Mar [Roxas]and NP [Nacionalista Party] in so far as efforts to separate the two [Aquino and Binay] are concerned. Although no one knows what the two talked about, it is clear that they are cordial to each other,” Casiple said in an interview.

The analyst said the two officials may have talked about sensitive matters which none of them would divulge to the public at this time.

“My guess is that the president promised not to intervene in the presidential contest and that he will not endorse yet anybody,” Casiple told the Times.

“Roxas loses,” he emphasized.

The meeting, Casiple said, clearly shows that the demolition job against the vice president, particularly the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee hearing on the supposed overpriced Makati City hall Building 2, is a dud.

Apart from failing to isolate the vice president, the meeting also indicate that the President is still open to Binay and that Aquino has not yet made any decision on who to endorse in 2016 which is disadvantageous on the part of Roxas.

“I think the only way for Mar [Roxas] to win is if he gets the endorsement of the President,” Casiple added.

It also shows that Aquino is not really one hundred percent behind Roxas, further strengthening the possibility that the President may endorse Binay in 2016, he added.

When asked if Roxas has an edge of getting Aquino’s endorsement, being a partymate of the President, Casiple said the political system in the country is not strong enough to oblige an outgoing president to pick a successor from among his partymates.

He explained that the notion that Aquino would pick Roxas as his successor was based on the situation in 2009 where the latter, who was poised to run for president in 2010, gave way to then Senator Aquino.

The political analyst believes that while the president allows Roxas to be visible and but that should not be interpreted as an endorsement.

Binay refused to reveal the purpose of his meeting with the president but said they “talked as friends” and that they discussed “no politics or problems.”

“Our friendship remains strong. It has been a friendship up to issues of life and death and it has been tried. In fact, our friendship is even becoming stronger,” the vice president said.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. also said the relationship between Aquino and Binay remains the same.

“The president expressed his views about it when he was in Bali [Indonesia] last October 10. There he made it clear,” he pointed out.

“They’ve known each other for a long time so that it is only normal that they meet away from the public spotlight,” Coloma further explained.

Another source said Roxas has up to the third quarter of 2015 to prove that he has at least a “fighting chance” in the next presidential polls before he could get Aquino’s anointment.

The source, who had previously worked with Roxas, said the Interior chief and his supporters should prove Roxas’ “winnability” “before October next year.”

She said the third quarter “deadline” is crucial for the LP to determine who among its members should be the standard bearer in the next polls.

“This is no longer a secret. It has been going around for a while now. If you would observe, the last survey of Pulse Asia indicated that Roxas is only second to Binay if elections were held today,” the former official of a top government agency told The Manila Times.

He was referring to the third quarter 2014 Ulat ng Bayan survey on presidential wannabes which showed Binay shedding ten percentage points from June to only 31 percent in September. On the other hand, Roxas gained six percentage points to get 13 percent in the same survey.

The Makati City Hall building 2 controversy appeared to have caused a slide in Binay’s ratings as the survey was conducted at the height of the Senate investigations into the matter. Binay’s camp has since then blamed a “smear job” against him plotted by the LP and Roxas’ camp as the root cause of the scandal, including allegations that he owns a vast farm in Batangas province.

“So, by the middle of next year and until before next October, Roxas must climb to a rating that is competitive enough,” the source explained.

Binay, of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), remains to be the most formidable presidential candidate.


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  1. BS will never trust Roxas enough to help him become president because he knows that Mar Roxas knows who really masterminded the Plaza Miranda bombing that targeted his father who was a leading presidentiable at that time. Mar’s father and mother Judy were almost killed in that attack together with another party presidentiable Jovy Salonga. That bombing was blamed by the third Liberal Party presidentiable Ninoy Aquino on Marcos without presenting any proof and it led to the almost total wipeout of Marcos’ candidates in that election. Nag gagamitan lang sila ngayon, but behind the scenes the gloves have been taken off and the Liberals have taken over decision making regarding the presidential election in 2016 and BS is left with just the power to issue press releases that he alone will choose the 2016 candidate but the Liberal Party demolition job against Binay clearly shows that they have already made their choice in Roxas. BS does not have the balls to pick a fight with his party mates led by the Hyatt 10 because they have the goods on him and anytime they can make his image plummet to the gutter where it belongs. Abangan ang susunod na mga kabanata.

  2. This country is not wanting of good presidential timbers. Looking only at Roxas and Binay as best choices insult the intelligence of the Filipino people. Why allow our minds to dwell only on these traditional politicians? Are we really bankrupt in terms of excellent and honest leaders? This king-making game is being played only by those scheming and selfish oligarchs for them to maintain their stranglehold on our country’s wealth and economy. Nothing else. Because of the captive media, and corrupted government institutions, citizens are just bystanders and audience to be entertained and later on cruelly exploited.

  3. In fairness to Mar, he is not expecting any endorsement from Pnoy just because he gave way last 2010 elections. Mar knows he can not win the election at that time. Mar is a team player so whatever Pnoy decides, he will abide by the party’s decision. And please, do not relate the on-going circus happening relative to the Binay’s investigation on his alledged properties to Mar or the LP. This are just but the creation of those people who lost to Binay in Makati and is clearly sourgraping and allowed themselves to be used by people with interest, whichever way, LP or NP. And all these are great news items.

  4. PNOY destiny as a Pres. Is visible from the stand point because of outpouring support and iconic parents in terms of service to the nation, but Roxas never destined to become President, because of what had all happen historically, if Ex.Pres Cory Aquino not died chances of Roxas maybe but not sure, but with the way now below to survey and didn’t do much effort to improve Curb, criminality, police more involvement in illegal and diabolical aspect, LGU depletion and so far less accomplishment, nobody would beleive Roxas can changed the Philippines, hopefuls from the standing view that can lead thus country far are POE, Cayetano, Trillanes, Robredo, Santos, and Duterte. We needed a working and dynamic President who possess charisma , not Binay or Roxas. We want new blood to work.

  5. Matagal ng alam ng tao ito na ” Birds of the same feather flocks together “, kundi, hindi na dapat pinayagan ni Pnoy yuon NOYBI ni Chiz Escudero nuon 2010. Kapangpagan ata itong si Pnoy kahit taga Tarlac at Ilongo naman si Mar kaya MAHIRAP MAGHALO ANG DALAWA kahit na nagbigay pa si Roxas kay Pnoy nuon 2010.
    Pinatunayan na ito ni Magsaysay nuon nagbalimbing sya from LP to NP at ni Marcos na kahit na president sya ng LP ay lumipat sya sa NP KAYA HINDI MALAYO NA MA ENDORSE NI PNOY SI BINAY, DI BA BAYAN?

  6. Ruben V. Calip on

    Aside from other things, the meeting must have been triggered by the Laylo Research Strategies survey results that show both Aquino and Roxas to be losing to Binay if the election were held now.
    A sign that The Mabila Times is the only national daily that is not in the pocket of the Aquno Administration and the Liberal Party is that you guys made a banner story of the survye report while no other paper in the Philippines even mentioned it.
    Pedro Laylo’s Research group is known to those in the polling industry as more credible than SWS. Pedro Laylo used to be the chief of the political surveys division of SWS and has a graduate degree from the US in statistics and political survey science.
    SWS and Pulse Asia are not the only suirvey firms in the Philippines. There the Philippine branch or branches of the Gallup organization, the pioneering Asia Research Org which used to be under Pichong Henares and about a dozen more.
    Most media people writing on politics are sadly too ignorant and lazy to fnd out what the other pollsters have researched on,

  7. if mar roxas does not get pnoy’s endorsement in 2016, it will boil down to this. PNOY’S GAIN WAS ROXAS’ LOSS. and that hurts. he should not have trusted pnoy in the hopes that he will be endorsed in 2016 since he gave way for pnoy in 2010.

  8. Has it ever occurred to this “other source” that “if by the middle of next year and until before next October,2015, Roxas climbs to a rating that is competitive enough,” then Roxas does not need the endorsement of the Abnoy. It might even happen that the endorsement of the much hated Abnoy will be a “kiss of death” for Roxas.