Guard, 2 Tanod foil gas station robbery


Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Director Joel Pagdilao commended a security guard and two Barangay Tanods on Wednesday for their bravery in foiling a robbery at a gasoline station along North Avenue on Tuesday morning. Lauded by Pagdilao are security guard Alejandro Caballero and Tanods Celso Balvaran Jr. and Felipe Belen Jr. Reports show that the suspect, identified as Jayson Ambos, went to the Caltex gas station along North Avenue pretending to have some bills exchanged for lower denominations. Shortly after, Ambos poked supervisor Maricel Ebio with a screwdriver and ordered her to put the station’s earning of about P50,000 in a bag. But after complying, Ebio was stabbed on the neck and in several parts of her body. Caballero noticed the scuffle and rushed to Ebio’s aid. The passing tanods also helped him in disarming and arresting the suspect. A complaint for robbery and attempted murder was filed against the suspect before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.


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  1. Well done to thiose men & its a pity they didnt just kill him on the spot. What a scumbag he is. She gave him the money & still he stabbed her several times. I think i would have hit him a little harder & with everything at hand & not stopped until he stopped moving, at least put him in hospital. Show him what pain feels like. Most like him are cowards anyway.