Guard your votes, Marcos warns


AS the elections draw nearer, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. called on his supporters to guard their votes, warning that his opponents are hatching all types of tricks to manipulate the result of the May 9 polls.

The Ilocano lawmaker issued the warning on Monday after his camp received more than a dozen reports of irregularities during the conduct of the overseas absentee voting.

“We have 12 to 15 cases from Dubai to Japan and to California where our supporters voted for me and yet the voters’ receipts did not show my name,” he told reporters in a chance interview at Great Eastern Hotel Manila in Quezon City where local politicians gathered to express their support to him.

Marcos said the overseas voting discrepancies were reported to the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

“So far, we were told that the complaining voter will be allowed to vote again, invalidating the questionable vote,” the senator added.

Marcos said he anticipates more attempts to cheat him that is why he has tapped lawyers to guard his votes.

“Our legal team is on top of the preparations in making sure all our votes are counted and guarded. We also have our volunteers who will help us on the ground to closely monitor the elections on Monday,” he added.

“We are now focusing on guarding our votes. Of course, we are still campaigning but we are intent on making sure that all our votes are counted,” the senator said.

The local officials present on Monday were Councilors Bong Suntay (Fourth District), Jun Ferrer (First District) and Tates Gana, common-law wife of Mayor Herbert Bautista, who is running for councilor of the Fifth District.

Meanwhile, Marcos said that he topped the mock elections among members of El Shaddai.
“I don’t have the details yet but I was told that I emerged on top of the consultation. I am thankful to the El Shaddai members for their trust and confidence,” he added.

At the start of Saturday’s prayer rally, members of the religious group were told to fill out a piece of paper and indicate their preferred politicians for national seats from President to senators.

Marcos also won the support of a big labor group, Lakas Manggagawa Labor Center, led by Terry Tuazon.

“From Cory Aquino to the present President, we only had frustrations. We believe in the platform of government of Bongbong which is geared toward granting more benefits to ordinary workers,” Tuazon said.

Cory is Corazon Aquino, late former president of the Philippines and mother of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.


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  1. Yes marcoses will return to Malacanang soon. For almost 30 years of noytard yellow cult government controlled by makati elitist business man, the filipino people suffers too much… salot at pahirap sa taong bayan ang mga Aquino family… Bong Bong Marcos will sure winner in this coming election.. Para sa mga haters ng marcos, Proof to the court if marcoses were bad. .. Mga dilawan pa nmn ang mga nakaupo.. Ngayon takot na takot lalo na si Pnoy na manalo si BBM, hindi pa nga Presidente iyan, Vice President pa lang iyan.. ZERO VOTE TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY and their term is over…

  2. You want us to guard your votes,to make sure that this nation can be great again. But you are not even your father’shadow, your dad is the master manipulator in Philipines politics using guns,goons and gold.God forbid that you return to malacanang where in full battle gear you ran like a rat terrified of people power that went free and want their country back!

    • roland estrada BBM doesnt need your vote you can stick it to your ass!!

    • James and Roland Estrada, learn your history first before commenting. BBM has the right to protect his votes… Admit it or not all of us here in abroad loves and voted for BBM pero iba ang lumalabas. It’s all on the news. #BBM4VP. God bless the Philippines!