Guerrero: Finishing off terrorists in Mindanao in my term ‘overly ambitious’


ARMED Forces Chief Rey Leonardo Guerrero admitted on Friday that it would be “overly ambitious” to finish off terrorists in Mindanao within his term despite his claim that kidnapping in the region has been reduced to 11 in 2017 from 37 in 2016.

“For me to say that we will be able to finish the terrorist problem within my term considering that I will be serving only up to April, maybe [it]will be overly ambitious,” Guerrero said in his first formal press briefing in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

“I’ll do my best to [give]the most that I can give at the time that I am afforded as the Chief of Staff,” he added.

Guerrero claimed that the military’s program in decreasing the tension in Mindanao has been “successful,” noting that it was able to curb incidents of kidnapping perpetrated by terror organizations.

“From a high of around 37 or 36 last year, our kidnap victims have been reduced, has been reduced to 11 and we still continue to exert efforts to rescue kidnap victims,” he said.

When Guerrero assumed the top post in October, replacing retired Gen. Eduardo Año, he ensured that he would be able to decrease the tension of terrorism in Mindanao caused by several groups, including the Abu Sayyaf Group, Maute Group, and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). DEMPSEY REYES



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