‘Guerrero’ has a good story to tell



“Guerrero” is only the second film of indie director Carlo Ortegas Cuevas. His first film was “Walang Take Two,” which won international awards in 2016, namely Best Director for a Foreign Feature Film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London, and Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film at the 2016 Madrid International Film Festival.

It also won the Jury Award and Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film at the Berlin International Filmmakers’ Festival, Platinum World Award, World Newcomer Filmmaker of the Year, and Golden Award for International Film in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to Direk Carlo, the awards of his debut movie were unexpected. “We we’re just targeting a small audience for our indie film. When the film became successful, the head of INCinema (the film arm of Iglesia ni Kristo) decided to send the movie to compete in festivals abroad and it won,” said the newbie filmmaker.

His latest movie titled “Guerrero” from EBC Films, meanwhile, held a successful red carpet premiere at SM Megamall Cinema 3 on October 30.

The movie stars Genesis Gomez (as Ramon Guerrero who plays a struggling boxer) and Julio Cesar Sabenorio as Miguel (who plays Ramon’s younger brother).

Direk Carlo is thankful that even small film productions that are coming out with indie films are getting the support of the public. He is hopeful that a film like Guerrero that has no name stars will succeed because it has a good story.

“For me, what is important is you have a good story to tell. The reason why we make movies is because we want to tell a story. If we see that the audience likes a movie, it’s because it has a good story and what that means is that our audience is getting more intelligent,” the director opined.

Direk Carlo also wrote the script of “Guerrero,” which will be shown in cinemas on November 12.

Before he went into directing movies, Carlo worked in ABS-CBN as a director for shows such as “Krusada,” “Pinoy True Stories,” “My Puhunan” and “Mission Possible.” He then joined the INCinema competition in 2014, which paved the way for Walang Take Two.

With the success of indie films like “Kita Kita” and “100 Tula Para kay Stella,” Direk Carlo believes the Pinoy audience is now ready for story-driven features.

“They (audience) want movies that tell a different story, not the usual fare dished out by mainstream studios,” he ended confidently.


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