‘Guess who?’ overload



THERE isn’t much juicy showbiz goings on these days except for Jake Zyrus’ biggest surprise to have swept local tinsel town. But never mind the dearth for below is a compendium of “guess who?” items to test how exceptionally brilliant our Tuesday readers are at identifying the stars embroiled in myriad situations.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Once during a shoot break on the set of a film she was doing, close friends of this multi-awarded actress (MWA) asked whatever happened to her oft-scheduled treatment abroad.

“Kulang pa kasi ‘yung perang kakailanganin ko, eh,” the MWA, in a somber tone, replied.

But one of them quickly countered, “Di ba, sinagot na ni (citing the name of MWA’s closest ally in showbiz whom we’ll refer to as her RS for rich sponsor)‘yung pampagamot mo?”

Suddenly, the MWA’s mood shifted to one of discomfort, apparently miffed by the mere mention of her RS’s name.

“Naku, pinadalhan nga niya ako ng pera, kulang naman! Tutulong din lang, hindi pa nilubus-lubos!” MWA announced as she punctuated her sentence with a series of unprintables.

In a jiffy, RS—known for his impeccable fashion sense—emerged from nowhere, a sight MWA had least expected. Unaware he was the topic, the ever-convivial RS rushed to where MWA was seated.

Without waiting for the RS to come near her, stunned MWA stood up and lovingly put her arms around her surprise visitor, almost suffocating him, “O, bakit ka andito? Nabigla naman ako. Naku, I missed you so much!”

Everyone scratching their heads. If RS only knew.

* * *

THIS beauty queen-turned-actress (BQTA) has become an eyesore among the tinderas manning stalls which sell native delicacies on bilao.

The latter have discovered her ingenious style whenever she stops by their puwesto.

“Puwedeng tikman?” the BQTA would graciously ask them as she takes a pinch of the rice cake for free tasting.

She would then shift her eyes on other sweets savoring every bite of it until she’d get seemingly fattened up.

“Ma’am, alin po dito ang bibilhin n’yo?” the tindera would ask readying a large piece of plastic bag hoping to stuff her delicacy of choice with.

“Ay, next time na lang. Babalik pa naman ako dito, eh,” as her standard answer would be.

* * *

CAN’T get enough of it? Here’s one more. This naturally beautiful (prettier even without makeup) actress (NBA) has become a pain in the neck among travel agents.

Many times, the NBA would book her domestic flights with an entourage of about 30 people with the agency expediting her documents in a frenzy. Way before the scheduled trips, all the plane tickets—even if unpaid—would be delivered at her doorstep.

“Ang nakakaloka,” the agency staffer complained, “kapag sinisingil na namin siya, hindi na namin siya mahagilap! Dumating kami sa punto that we had to contact her through her residence phone number. We knew it was she who picked up our call, pero iniba niya ‘yung boses niya. She pretended to be a house help. ‘Ah, wala po si ma’am dito, eh.’ Pero siyang-siya ‘yun!”


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