• Guessing game Who’s to blame for Kris’ cancelled show



    PLUS: Why veteran broadcaster won’t touch onsexy star’s imbroglio
    Loud whispers have it that an unseen, powerful hand over at GMA Network is to blame for the cancellation of Kris Aquino’s lined up TV projects under Tony Tuviera’s APT Entertainment.

    As earlier reported, the Queen of All Media would supposedly take the pre-programming time slot of Eat Bulaga via an Ophrah Winfrey-inspired daily treat rivalling that of Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros and Karla Esrada’s on ABS-CBN.

    Whoever that well-entrenched soul could be makes for a thrilling guessing game. Vignettes conducted a random poll survey among a handful of colleagues as to whom they believed that unseen hand could possibly belong.

    Unanimously, they ruled out Kris’ BFF-turned-nemesis, who else but Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas. To begin with, the respondents reasoned out that while bad blood exists between the two, Ai-Ai is certainly not the power-tripping-type, most especially that she recently received a Papal award for her good deeds.

    To say the least, Ai-Ai would simply decline TV offers with Kris in any of them.

    Still one of the opinion makers dropped a politician’s name as the powerful guy, surmising that “his and Kris’ political affiliations may have a lot to do with it” only to rea­lize that her guess was wrong.

    Doing some trial and error, deli­berations among our colleagues had become so intense and chatty that the name of a seemingly unlikely person cropped up out of nowhere: he goes by the initials exactly the same as a former favorite watering hole of high-class matrons in the country’s financial district.

    Talk about wielding one’s might and power despite his “secure” place somewhere.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO: A veteran broadcaster (VB) wouldn’t dare touch on the exploits of a former screen siren (FSS) who recently grabbed the headlines in any of his news reports, and why?

    It’s public knowledge that the FSS had once worked as a guest relations officer at a high-end bar before she took the showbiz plunge, and the VB was one of her guests. In one of his rare visits, he’d always request for the FSS’s exclusive table service at the VIP room.

    Reveals our source, “The guy wouldn’t allow her to go table-hopping, she was exclusive to him until dawn. All night, he would keep smooching her even doing more than that. It was like watching a steamy scene in one of her run-off-the mill bold films.”

    Until the next visit, the FSS remained still and comfortably seated with the VB thinking she’d take home a pocketful of money. As it was getting late, the VB handed a bundle of crisp peso bills to the delighted FSS who estimated it to be not lower than 20-grand for a night’s satisfactory service.

    It was when the VB left the bar that the FSS forked over the bundle to count her take-home. Yes, the bills were crisp but they came in 20s. All in all, it amounted to P3,000!

    Feeling short changed, the furious FSS hurriedly went down to check if the VB was still around, at least at the parking area. When she could no longer find him, she went back to the bar, turned to the floor manager and sternly instructed the latter never to assign her to the VB the next time around.

    “What made him think I deserved to get only this much after what he ‘did’ to me? That tightwad is a b*tch!”


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