• Guia ‘hurt’ by Zamora jabs


    SAN Juan City (Metro Manila) Mayor Guia Gomez on Friday said she was hurt by the alleged political plans of Vice Mayor Francis Zamora who is rumored to be running against her in next year’s elections. “I was hurt but I am not angry,” Gomez said. “I treated him [Zamora] like a son and even defended him [from his detractors],” the mayor added as she lamented that after all the support she gave to Zamora, she and her son Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito would be accused of betrayal in return. Gomez said she gave Zamora all the support he needs as a vice mayor that “not all mayors usually do”. Zamora’s father, House minority leader Ronaldo Zamora, is a long-time ally of the Ejercitos. The younger Zamora, in a press briefing on Thursday, accused the Ejercitos of taking full political control of San Juan City. He said Precy Estrada, wife of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, will run for congressman against his father while Gomez will seek a third term with Councilor Janela Estrada eyeing to replace him as vice mayor.


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