A guide to looking fab beyond trendy clothes


In today’s world when fashion and fashion how-to’s dominate glossies, TV and movie screens, and especially social media platforms, it is very easy for women to fall for fashion trends.

malu-tiongson-ortiz20161222Moreover, the spur of upscale trendy shops in the country also adds to many a woman’s desire to be just as beautiful as the models who wear them. But while many of these women get a confidence boost by stepping into newly purchased fashion garbs, some fall deep into the negative consequences of this phenomenon.

To save more women from spending more than they should on clothes, author Malu Tiongson-Ortiz seeks to inspire women to dress up with a purpose via the follow up to her best-seller Ikaw na ang Maganda: How to be Beautiful Inside and Out.

This new book entitled Ikaw na ang Maganda Book 2: Dress up Pure and Lovely was written by Tiongson-Ortiz and released by OMF Literature, Inc. to show women how to be beautiful beyond wearing fashionable clothes.

The book discusses how developing beauty out of character makes one attractive

The book discusses how developing beauty out of character makes one attractive

While the first book, takes inspiration from the author’s experience as a make-up artist, the follow-up draws from her own sense of fashion coupled with her growing concern about the increasingly sexualized trends in women’s clothing.

In addition, Tiongson-Ortiz opens up about the dangers of being a shopaholic, the motivations that drive women to dress expensively, and the effects of sexy dressing. She also included real-life stories of women like former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao–Roberto to show the longings in women’s hearts that manifest in shopping, fashion, and even darker pursuits.

More importantly, Tiongson-Ortiz discusses how developing beauty out of character is the sure-fire way of making one’s self attractive.


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