• Guilt by association? Heroes or heels?


    Justice Gregory Ong has been found guilty by association, arguably. Janet Napoles is bad news of course. I am happy I have no pix with her.

    This paper said the other day that the Supreme Court (SC) had “declared [him]a natural born citizen” when his citizenship was questioned. A lawyer-brother of Greg and I represented him, a fellow Bedan; all his siblings are unquestionably Pinoy so why single him out? The last time I spoke with Greg was in 2007, before our family tragedy.

    Assuming that the findings are accurate, I feel that the penalty may be draconian, with all due respect. Greg should move to reconsider on the penalty, there being five dissenters. In 2010, this paper noted the other day, he “was penalized for holding hearings individually instead of hearing a case as a collegial body in Davao city.” Offense? Working too hard. Greg was indeed legend in the Sandigan, where he has toiled for 16 years, for working his butt off. The story is told about a CFI Judge in Manila hearing three default cases simul. I was awed and felt he deserved a medal. In the context at hand, the three magistrates and the judge are heroes in my eyes.

    Now, is Macoy a hero rating a Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LMB) burial, nullifying Edsa’86?

    Sadly, many still buy the Marcosian myth that he proclaimed martial law on Thursday, September 21, 1972; in fact just another day in the office for the nation. The correct date is September 23.

    Move his remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LMB)? Sen. Chiz Escudero supports the idea. He is the son of a Macoy Cabinet member so I am not surprised that he never really felt nor shared our pain.

    Veep Jojobama Binay, jailed more than once, compromises by suggesting full military honors to Macoy in Batac, not altogether unlike giving Hitler full military honors in his hometowns in Austro-Hungary and Passau, Germany. Schicklguber was his surname then which would not fall trippingly from the tongue. Jojobama would amend, not erase, Edsa’86.

    At my age (75), I can compromise. Why not rename Libingan ng mga Bayani (LMB) to Libingan ng mga Sundalo at Mga Bayani (instead of the naughty Libingan ng mga Bayani at Iba Pa). We need to be creative. If martial law author Macoy is moved to the LMB, why not move again Emman Lacaba, my friend and pro bono client (like Greg), transferred from a shallow grave in Davao, to the old cemetery in Pateros and to the new one there, and now where he belongs, the LMB?

    FVR was kind enough to read my piece last week and enfaced on a margin his help by way of materials in case I would “want to pursue the subject” on where Macoy should finally rest. Na-onse si FVR ni Roquito Ablan and the Marcoses who had committed a direct flight from Hawaii to Laoag (done) and immediate burial (not so). Born on Septiembre Onse (1917, Macoy said, but under oath in Hawaii, he said 1916), a clear warning of what the criminal genius, would be up to; fruit does not fall far from the tree. The egocentric Marcoses have divided us long enough and should let go, for unity, Jojobama’s compromise objective.

    The effort is worthy of a better cause. Focus we should on filing claims under the human rights compensation law (R.A. No. 10368). MABINI ace Oca Rodriguez, a Congressman, has said he is not filing any claim, not the only one not to monetize his suffering but if all would so behave, no one or few would file. The Marcoses would say, see wala naman pala. Hence, all victims should file, to confirm the extent and scope of the violations. Of course we cannot rope in anybody or everybody; but, Ka Oca should consider donating his deserved share to a worthy cause like the Iglesia ni Saguisag, isang maralitang taga-lungsod, naging QC Batang City Jail candidate-member lang, for calling Macoy in court a “super-subversive,” in early 1983 in the We Forum trial.

    The people must not forget that “day of infamy” in Philippine history, September 23, 1972, that led many to subvert. The emailer said: “The great injustice in the history of the Philippines is for some people in the halls of power to rehabilitate traitors, tyrants and thieves and make us forget with revisionism. A national catharsis is long overdue. We should move on. But first a wrong has to be righted.”

    Shall we stop marking September 21 as special? I feel forlorn that Marcosian numerology persists. Marcos was fond of seven and its multiples so he spun the myth that September 21 was when martial law descended upon the land. Simply not true. Spurious.

    In journalism and history, we should have a passion for precision in expression. The September 21 superstition must end.

    Indeed, NEVER AGAIN! – should we play up September 21 as Proc. No. 1081 day. For Ninoy and a few others, it was midnight of September 22. For the rest of the nation, September 23, when the day began with no radio-TV and no newspapers. I was in San Beda that afternoon but only lawyer Byron Bocar, now with the human rights compensation board, and stude Alex Almario (one such was mentioned in the Napoles saga, which could be toxic and hazardous to one’s well-being) gave me company. A long nightmare began, to end on February 25, 1986, when PNoy’s Mom took power.

    I see the pixes of the Aquinos’ US home on Commonwealth Avenue, the street where my Dulce lived with Millie C and Mary C, maybe a mile from where the Aquinos resided later. There Ninoy and I had a marathon ten-hour conversation in October 1982 (I’d say he spoke for nine hours and 45 minutes, riveting, cum gestures, and I, for 15, to remind him occasionally I wasn’t part of the furniture). The Jesuits’ Boston College is just across, attended by my Dulce, some Aquino daughters, and Grace Poe, where eighteen Septembers ago, Prez Cory spoke, and said, “I pray with all my heart, I work with all my might, and the rest I leave to God.”

    How I wish PNoy had the time to be in Fort Warren just outside of Wyoming, and see the Bells of Balangiga, which rang on September 28, 1901; the natives showed true grit and got massacred, in gross violation of human rights.


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    1. If you will just take a break from your hate mongering, you will see what the world can clearly see: that your yellow regime has brought hypocrisy to a degree that is beyond any measure previously known to man. People used to ask, ” What happened after EDSA, why are things still so bad ?”. Well, they already know the answer now, and that is, contrary to your carefully tended myth, it was actually the real crooks who took over in 1986. I hope you live long enough to see the day when your beloved yellow regime is devoured like hapless sheep by an enraged people acting like a pack of hungry lions. Read the signs and pray.

    2. Both sides are guilty of treason. The Marcos camp who were a Counter-punch against the excesses of the “New” Illustrado led by the Oligarchs Lopezes, Ayalas , Zobels etc. The opportunits Enrile and Ramos. At least Ramos has redeemed himself. These camps and their backers just take turns raping this country.

      No one or group has moved beyond their “Barrio-Barrio Mentality”.

    3. “Hence, all victims should file, to confirm the extent and scope of the violations.”

      Yes, indeed, and their stories published in newspapers, broadcast in radio and TV, and posted on all media, so that the younger generation may know who they really are. Inquirer have already started it— with three top executives who were once young communist ideologues and Satur Ocampo, the famous communist rebel now a party list congressman. Let us see if it is true what Marcos have been claiming all along, they were communists out to wrestle control of the country.

      • Yes it is true Ninoy was a communist. Remember housewife Cory released Joma immediately after her assumption not election, in office.Ask Joma and he will confirm it. Remember the Plaza Miranda bombings? Ninoy was not there,despite the fact,that it was a LIBERAL PARTY meeting de avance.Senator Salonga was badly wounded, almost killed. Mayor Bagatsing’s leg was amputated and others seriously injured. Who did the bombings? Joma Sison and his cohorts. The communists, NOT MARCOS.WHO IS THE TRUE HERO NOT NINOY.May your Souls RIP.

    4. What has turned this former senator into a self-praising yellow loyalist? Was it his alliance with the late cory aquino or his family’s tragedy? Has he also turned blind? He claimed to have “seen” and “experienced” the corruption during marcos’ era, then why can’t he seem to realize and admit the corruption during cory’s time and now pnoy’s? pnoy even became his corrupt officials’ defender and spokesman! Had marcos been a true dictator as mr saguisag claims, the so-called edsa revolution (an incident borne out of filipinos’ usisero trait. majority of those people were out for a picnic and just rode along as the event progressed. and where was cory when all this was taking place? she’s in cebu promoting civil disobedience!) wouldn’t have happened. a simple command to fire at the crowd (above their heads, that is) would suffice to disperse them but marcos did not do it but instead urged his soldiers to exercise maximum tolerance. cory, on the other hand, did the contrary when his men fired at the marching farmers (her supporters) in mendiola. ninoy and a dog were buried at the libingan—were they heroes? ninoy was an accidental hero which, even his true killers, (cory and pnoy knew who they were but were commanded not to reveal. haven’t you even wondered, mr saguisag, why cory and pnoy didn’t pursue this case when they all have the power to do so?) didn’t expect to happen. so no more rambling, correct your facts and do a thorough examination on your history. don’t be blinded by the “yellow” fever.

      • agree, he didnt mention his “client” was charged because of collusion that involved the substandard kevlar helmet that may have killed many of our fighting soldiers, hes hatred of men in uniform being a HR lawyer. Pity hes still living in the past, hoping it will change….

    5. Fort Warren is in Massachusetts which can not geographically be “just outside Wyoming”, the “Bells” would not be found there. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, just outside of Northern Colorado, is where the “Bells” are.

      Sen. Saguisag is perhaps “guilty” by mis-association.

    6. Proclamation 1081 was certainly prepared before , but only signed and dated, 21 Sept 1972( refer to Official Gazette) The actual implementation would have been initiated soon after and preparations/mobilization of military/law enforcement agencies and executions already underway until the official announcement was made only on 23 Sept. Which should be historically correct: the date when the proclamation was signed, or the date when it was officially publicly announced?

      • It was September 21, 1972, not Sept 23. I was in Hongkong on September 21, 1972, and all the newspapers, TV and radio news thereat said, MARCOS PROCLAIMED MARTIAL LAW in the Philippines. Kasi walang news update then in Manila, kasi controlled ni Marcos, except, the government TV channel. That will explained the error.

    7. A terror night that must not be reckon and stop to remember. Tragedy that befell the country Into nightmare of Abyss. Total demolition and control of one man. Who pocketed and destroy Philipines, that upto now not yet recovered from the wounds, done by a strongman which means a Satan. Now that we have liberty we must use it responsibly and not to abuse that we can write to condemn or harass people who are just and gentle. So let’s craft a good journalism that can be proud of and truly servicing people.

      • And that was the only one “strong man rule ” that was ultimately a must, ” Martial Law” otherwise the Maoist Chinese communistic influence of Jose Maria Sison had taken over our democracy.

    8. Bonifacio Claudio on

      Your narration falls on perversion, revision of history. You base your perverted views on your self-righteousness & those yellow ‘heroes’ you associate yourself. Nandiyan pa naman sina Enrile & Ramos. Go ask them why as you said the martial law regime inflicted you & the likes of you ‘pain’. After being enlightened about your ‘pain’, then proceed in claiming compensation… “… But first a wrong has to be righted.” What a rambling discourse you made ranting about “me, me, me”… Yellow !!! Good night !!!