Gun ban effective until June – PNP


THE Philippine National Police (PNP) on Saturday reminded the public that the nationwide election gun ban is still in effect even though some candidates in the recently concluded national and local elections have been proclaimed as winners.

PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor told the Manila Times that the election gun ban, which was enforced at the start of the election period on January 10, 2016, will be enforced until June 8, 2016.

Mayor said police will continue setting up checkpoints in different parts of the country to enforce the gun ban until it is lifted next month.

Meanwhile, Mayor said that the nearly 3,500 firearms seized by the police are now being subjected to ballistic examination by the PNP Crime Laboratory Service to check if some of these were used in crimes.

As of Friday, the PNP has confiscated an assortment of 3,492 guns over the last four months.

In addition, police also confiscated 37,428 bullets, 281 grenades and 313 explosive devices from violators.

“The guns and ammunition we confiscated are enough firepower to arm five or six battalions of combat troops,” according to Mayor.

“By taking away these instruments of violence from criminal elements and lawless individuals, we were able to preempt imminent danger that may have marred the otherwise peaceful outcome of last Monday’s elections and save lives in the process,” Mayor said.

“I can’t imagine how much damage 37,000 bullets and 500 explosives can do to our lives,” he added.


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