Gun left at NAIA 3


AVIATION police are tracking down the owner of a 9mm pistol that was found abandoned last Friday at the departure area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, authorities said on Monday. Four passengers were called for questioning after a Glock 19 cal. 9mm with serial number CH6743 with magazine of 16 live bullets, was intercepted at NAIA 3’s gate 2 initial security screening checkpoint. The Aviation Security Unit-National Capital Region head, Senior Supt. Adolfo Samala, said no one claimed ownership of the gun. The gun was placed in a paper bag along with make-up pouch, multivitamins, cellular phone charger and other items. Police said the owner might have totally abandoned it to avoid arrest when the paper bag was put on the X-ray security machine.


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  1. When the paper bag was put on the X-ray machine, or any items such as suitcases, handbags, the owner(s) should already be at the other end awaiting for their stuff to come out of the X-ray machine. What they were saying here is, the Aviation Security police are tracking down the owner of the contraband. They did not know the owner? the paper bag containing the contraband just coming out of the X-ray machine and they did not know the owner? WOW!!!