Habeas corpus petition filed vs Iglesia ni Cristo leaders


Lawyers for the brother of a minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) on Wednesday filed before the Supreme Court (SC) a petition for a writ of habeas corpus against leaders of the politically influential religious sect.

The petition for the writs of amparo and habeas corpus was filed by Anthony Menorca, brother of INC minister Lowell Menorca; and Jungki Otsuka, twin sister of Lowell’s wife,
Jinky Otsuka-Menorca.

Named respondents in the petition were INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, and members of the INC Executive Council Radel Cortez, Rolando Esguerra and Bienvenido Santiago.

A writ of amparo is a remedy available to any person whose right to life, liberty and security is violated or threatened with violation by an unlawful act or omission.

Anthony, who is now under the Justice department’s Witness Protection Program, has claimed his brother and his family were being held against their will by the INC.

He also alleged that he could not contact Lowell, who was arrested in Cavite last July 17 for allegedly threatening commuters with a grenade.

Lowell was later released after complainants signed affidavits of desistance.
He later went public and denied that he had been abducted.

In a nine-page complaint, the petitioners asked the SC to order the respondents to bring with them before the court the living bodies of Lowell, his wife Jinky, daughter Yurie and househelp Abbegail.

They also alleged that their family members and househelp were in the custody of the respondents.

The petitioners moreover alleged that Lowell was abducted by unidentified armed men while he was walking to his pastoral house in Bulan, Sorsogon, last July and his wife was compelled to be placed under the custody of the INC after she was threatened on the phone by Esguerra that she would no longer see Lowell if she would not appear at the INC Central Office on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

They also claimed that the INC was behind the abduction of Menorca as well as his family’s allegedly illegal detention.

The petitioners said the INC leadership believed that Lowell was also Antonio Ebangelista, the blogger who wrote about an alleged controversy in the INC.

They expressed fears that for as long as Lowell and his family remain in the custody of the INC, their safety is in danger.

If ever the respondents deny that the Menorca family is in their custody, the petitioners asked the SC to order the inspection of the INC Central Compound where the victims were believed to have been brought.

They asked the tribunal to order the submission before it of relevant documents, including the electronic surveillance reports of ACTIV, the Internet technology department of INC, and direct the respondents neither to get near nor contact the Menorca family.


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  1. What on earth is wrong with you religious nuts. Arnt you all supposed to hones caring truthful people. Im always amazed by you lot. The sooner people see the folly of religion & just live by a good decent code of ethics the better this world will become. You lot talk about being good christians but it seems not a single one of you knows what a good christian is.

  2. wow! ano to lokohan, pag may nawawala kang kamag anak at palagay mo nasa malakanyang. Mag file ka lang sa SC habeas corpus at writ of amparo . Pag nag deny na wala don mag request ka ng inspection ng malakanyang! Kalokohan, hindi lahat ng paratang dapat pinapatulan.

  3. When Anthony Menorca and family were still staying in one of the housing units of the Iglesia ni Cristo prior to his expulsion for conduct unbecoming of a Christian, he never complained about a detention affecting him, the family, kin, and relatives. Now that he had been expelled, he cries wolf and like a baby being deprived of his subsistence feeding bottle. Not only that, he is using his sibling as an excuse to his being a cry-baby and his being in need of a subsistence feeding bottle.

    Your group will fail even though those who are belligerent against the Iglesia ni Cristo will be taking your side. God’s promises to the Iglesia ni Cristo and Her leaders still remain potent until the end of the age when He who is coming after being sent back appears in the clouds awaiting those who had and have patience.

  4. Isa p pamilyadong tao si ka lowell…. kaya sya magpapasya Sa sarili nya Hindi ang bading na nagtatago sa doj wpp….

    • Lowell Menorca is correct in staying inside the I.N.C. housing unit afforded to him and his family. He knows that he could be subjected to a rubout by the “Kagawaran Ng Hostess Siya” and being influenced by the powers-that-be which is trying to perpetuate their disguised criminalities in the pretensions akin to that of smiling but criminal priests and popes.

  5. Malaki Na epekto ni delima sa tuktok ni Anthony . Nasisiraan na ng ulo. Maliwanag intervw ng GMA Kay ka Lowell…gusto nya daw sa central at nangnaganib sya sa lugar nina samson Anthony rosal kelly ong. Baka ipapatay sya mg fallen angels n sa inc ibintang. Tsk tsk

    • Anthony contradicts his own brother Lowell through fabricated innuendoes, brickbats, and tirades. And he does that thinking that more of his needed subsistence feeding bottles would come his way.