• Habitually tardy, absent LGU employees warned


    Local government units (LGUs) have been advised to strictly monitor the observance of working hours in government agencies, particularly cases of habitual absenteeism and tardiness and loafing from duty during regular office hours.

    Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ismael Sueno has ordered local government employees to shape up as he rallied all local chief executives (LCEs) to check on strict compliance of all public officers and employees within their respective jurisdictions.

    “The government catalyzes change… How can that be possible if government employees are not reporting to work or are habitually absent or tardy? We should not shortchange the taxpayers,” he said over the weekend.

    “It is not only monetary corruption and red tape that we must clean the government of but just as important is cleaning the acts of government employees,” Sueno added.

    Under the Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order 292, officers and employees of all departments and agencies except those covered by special laws shall render no fewer than eight hours of work a day for five days a week or a total of forty hours a week, exclusive of time for lunch.

    Officers and employees who have incurred tardiness and undertime regardless of the number of minutes per day, ten times a month for two (2) consecutive months in a semester shall be subject to disciplinary action.

    Frequent unauthorized absences or habitual absenteeism, tardiness in reporting for duty and loafing during regular office hours are grave offenses punishable by suspension of six months and one day to one year for the first offense and dismissal from the service for the second offense.

    Moreover, frequent unauthorized tardiness or habitual tardiness is punishable by reprimand for the first offense, suspension of one to 30 days for the second offense and dismissal from the service for the third offense.

    It is committed when an official or employee incurs tardiness, regardless of the number of minutes, 10 times a month for at least two months in a semester or at least two consecutive months during the year.

    Barangay (village) officials are required to submit a list of their delinquent or non-complying public officers and employees on a quarterly basis (in April, July, October and January) to their respective city or municipal mayors, copy-furnished the city or municipal DILG Local Government Operations Officers or City Directors.

    Meanwhile, municipalities or component cities will be reporting to their respective provincial governors, copy-furnished their DILG Provincial Directors.

    Highly urbanized cities, independent component cities and or provincial governments will be required to submit a quarterly report to their DILG Regional Directors, copy-furnished the DILG Secretary.



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