They hacked us again — to silence us


From midnight of Monday to about 7 a.m. on Tuesday, some online readers of The Manila Times could not access our website.

This was because IT experts working for those whom we have exposed for their corrupt doings–and hypocritically claim to be paragons of rectitude—again attacked our system.

This is not the first time they have tried to silence us. And last night’s incident, we are sure, will not be the last.

Readers here and abroad have been encouraging us with praise for being the only newspaper in our country that has consistently served the truth—at the risk of displeasing the power holders in the public and private sectors.

We call on them and the people of the Philippines to continue supporting us. To join us more boldly in denouncing liars, hypocrites and destroyers of our democratic institutions.

Instead of apologizing to those of you who could not access us because we were hacked, we ask you to continue reposing your trust in us.

We renew our pledge to serve you—without fear of the mighty who wish us to distort the truth–always with the correct information and sound assessments of the true condition of our Republic.


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  1. Rey P. Alcalde on

    You have my support all the time. You give us information that others can’t for whatever reasons.

  2. I hope someday the Filipino people will finally come to their senses and overthrow the Aquino Mafia. Oh, if only we can send them to the gallows.
    The “masa” electorate has always been infantile in its choices of people to govern the nation. Can it not learn to be more informed and educated? I doubt it. The same bungling idiots come and go…who do we have next in line for wannabe leader? Mar Roxas? Jejomar Binay? God help us!

  3. To The Manila Times, you have my support. In this very critical times I admire your courage to stay away from the powerful politicians who wants to silence anybody or any newspapers critical of the present administration. It is not a secret that the president likes only good news even if its not true at all. Mabuhay po kayo and your staff. Please continue to serve the people without fear.

  4. I think this hacking is really part of the government’s SOP in attacking not only of the broadsheets but as well as individuals. . take note of Atty. Kapunan’s revelation, during discussion on the “kidnapped” wife of a governor,that a newly acquired phone was contacted by someone from the governor! Meron palang ganun, how scary!

  5. Yung puno na hitik na hitik sa bunga ay tinitirador. More power to Manila Times and Manila Standard Today!

  6. You have our full support here in abroad since your media is one of our window to see what’s going on with our mother land.

  7. darn, kaya pala luma yung content ng website nuong isang araw. by the way, hindi lang manila times ang tinitira ng mga troll/hackers ni aquino at kkk pati din ang manila standard website especially pag may column si jojo robles, emil jurado at tony lopez

  8. That’s why my Google News feed is rendered useless — too much yellow journalism (both the dictionary definition and the relatively recent meaning) in the Philippine version. At least this is a sign that a nerve is being struck. Keep up the great work.

  9. Carry on … I won’t budge no matter what. There is a saying that if people fear those in power, there is tyranny. So – the people should not have fear but should be tenacious to drive out those tyrants.

  10. I am a perpetual victim of the hackers of this administration. I am not an internet savvy but I constantly repulsed hacking attempts by these trolls although they were successful a number of times.

    A source told me that many of them are graduates from TESDA which lend credence to Binay’s allegation that Joel Villanueva is one of the brains in the on-going demolition job against him. Their favorite hangout is the PDI website which led me to believe that PDI is consenting their presence. I even believe that some of their fly-by-night reporters parading as journalists are expert hackers. This is their idea of media and political war so be ready to unleash your counter attacks for after all offense is the best defense. Good luck.