Hagupit turns out to be pitik in MM


BY the grace of a compassionate providence, we here in Imperial Metro Manila headed by a Tarlaqueno, with an Ibanag for Vice, a Chief Justice and Senate Prez from the South, and a Speaker from San Beda (for balance and sanity) survived a pitik originally billed as hagupit.

W​e sympathize with the victims, of course, to stress the unnecessary,​ but power was not lost where we are so we had the email working.

​In one ​forum, a Pinoy in America had this teaser or Pitik: “Is Manny Pacquiao QUALIFIED to co-sponsor the adoption of the proposed National Jury Law by the People’s Initiative process instead of before the floor of Congress?  Answer: No. If not why not? Answer: Yes. No further comment required.”

The question assumes a lot. It assumes that Manny can tell a PI (People’s Initiative)
​and the Jury System (JS) from a hole in the ground. Many lawyers cannot. They may not even agree that we may have a jury-type Trial with Assessors here, used in the case of notorious Pictorious in South Africa.

I invoked such Trial before Pasay RTC Judge Aurora Recina in the last millennium in one case. Juana felt forlorn, dejected and rejected when told a love affair was over, by her boyfriend, in a Pasay motel; the bloke then napped, and awoke, yelping in pain, feeling very much diminished.

His manhood was lopped off with a pair of scissors used by the spurned woman who worked with a modista. His thing became Exh. E in a bottle. I had thought community sentiment would have been in favor of a scorned jilted woman. Trial with assessors is a kind of jury. But, the victim got tired of appearing in the Hall of Justice with a towel hiding his face and imagining people whispering “si Putol.”

Manny of course can study the proposal and People’s Initiative as he prepares to be our No. 1 Senator in 2016, like three-time No. 1 Jovy Salonga–when the Senate was in celestial heights — on the urging of Jojobama, which may bring the body to abysmal depths.

I think Rep. Pacquiao should work as Congressman and not help ruin the institution where he competes for Top Absentee while he competes in the Manly Art of Modified Murder and Tax Dodging. He has harmed another institution, the PBA, by being the oldest rookie (Susmariano! he will be 36 next week). If the PBA were less materialistic and had put its foot down, Kia may still be in the league. Manny arguably ​
led it to its early elimination. Mayweather would not be allowed to soil the NBA which would not do anything for money.

In 2016, Senator Pacquiao. Josme! He should now retire from the Manly Art of Modified Murder whose aim is to hurt, knock out, maim, and occasionally, willy-nilly, kill a fellow human being, and finally, study lawmaking and policy-making at last.

Does he know and care that December 10 is when we mark another anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Allan Jasminez, among those for whom I argued in the Supreme Court in a habeas corpus case in 1982 (mooted in 1985), copied me a Pahayag ng mga Bilanggong Pulitikal sa Pandaigdigang Araw ng Pagrespeto sa mga Karapatang-Tao: “Kaming mga bilanggong pulitikal sa Special Intensive Care Area 1 (SICA 1), kabalikat ang iba pang mga bilanggong pulitikal sa iba pang mga kulungan at ang mga nagtataguyod ng mga karapatang-tao sa bansa, ay nagpapahayag ng pagkakadaos namin ng aming walong araw na pagpapahayag ng aming protesta at mga ginigiit.” They fasted from dawn till sundown, a la Muslims, from December 3 to 10.

The detainees are our brother Filipinos. But so are the soldiers they fight. And so are the BangsaMoro elements. We have to continue to struggle, and, and in the words of an American law dean, survive our crises, mend the ruptures of our discord and continue to live and function as one people, a unit. We cannot forever be a circular firing squad. Unity I hope to see in our lifetime.

But, I am now 75. We just lost Eddie Sanchez. Last September, I wrote being in St. Luke’s to visit our brilliant Rizal Hi valedictorian, 74 (to be 75 on December 27), the youngest brod of the late Bobbit, former labor chief of Prez Cory (Cory’s original choice was scratched; she said to him, per the urban legend, she could not proceed with the appointment cuz she had heard he had 57 children, “Ma’m, 43 lang po.”). Ed topped the board exams for chemical engineers and went to Caltech for his graduate studies. With him at St. Luke’s was son Edward, a Mensa (high IQ) member, who recently bagged the grand prize in the first Philippine Search for Product Excellence in InfoTech.


Our memo on the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) is due next week. “Enhanced.” A word linked to a US Senate disclosure on torture​—following 9/11—“interrogation techniques. But we are taught that water torture was introed by the Kanos when they came in 1898. In late 1901, Gen. Jacob Smith ordered every male above ten to be killed and turn Samar into a howling wilderness. Court-martialed, he was merely reprimanded. There was no TV at the time to bring to the Americans, basically decent, what their soldiers were doing to carry out McKinley’s mission to Christianize us, as the Lord supposedly told him while he knelt in the White House.

EDCA would probably be ratified by the Senate to comply with the constitutional institutional arrangement under Sec. 21 of Art. VII and Sec. 25 of Art. XVIII of our 1987 Constitution. But, PNoy could have used as one bargaining chip the return of the three Bells of Balangiga, two of which I saw in Fort Warren just outside of Cheyenne, and another in Korea, where a West Pointer, ​Capt. Bonifas, was axed to death in 1976 by the Nokors, who also seized the USS Pueblo in January 1968 and keep it on display today in Pyongyang. The US navymen were detained for a year. The US could not do anything for its own in 1976 and 1968, as it was unable in December 1941, when we were one huge military base. Why would the Kanos help us when it cannot even help its own?

EDCA cannot trump our 1987 Constitution on the basis of US Supreme Court rulings and local obiters. Obiter means the court talks too much.
Our Supreme Court said in Ichong (1957), Garcia (1961) and Hechanova (1963) that in case of conflict, local law would prevail, but only after stressing that it had found no such conflict.

Obiter, Pitik. Ruling​, ​Hagupit.


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  1. Julio M. Domingo on

    My favorite former Senator Saguisag made my day again writing about my idol in boxing and favorite absentee and NPA “congressman” whose inevitable march to the Senate in 2016 is a foregone conclusion.

  2. reuben briones on

    Does Mr Saguisag mean to say that the “graceful” providence is not as “compassionate” to Eastern Samar and the other places that bore the brunt of Rubi than to Metro Manila?

    • San Francisco(California) Fil-Am’s are angry at Kit Tatad and others. Pinoys prayed that Hagupit go somewhere else, and now San Francisco/California is getting fllooded. Oh, beware the power of of prayers by Pinoys-of-Pilipinas.