• Hail to the celebrity graduates!


    The graduating batch of 2015 is not without its share of celebrities—stars, whom The Sunday Times Magazine recognize today for prioritizing education, despite the fame and fortune that showbiz has given them.

    These young lookers, who are also gifted with perseverance and a good head on their shoulders, are especially remarkable because they overcame the difficulty of juggling school with the long work hours and unpredictable schedules of show business, and they have the diplomas to prove it.

    Ruru-Madrid20150412RURU MADRID
    This teen idol was always bent on finishing school despite the sudden rise of his career on TV. In fact, he credits the attitude that got him through high school in helping him succeed in showbiz.

    “Para ka ring nag-aaral kasi ‘pag nasa work. You have to memorize your lines and dapat maintindihan mo talaga yung instructions and yung gusto ninyong ma-achieve sa eksena. In a way, may similarity yung discipline ng acting and studying,” relates Ruru.

    Besides self-discipline, the young actor also learned the value of hard work from school. “Lahat naman siguro kami ito ang pangarap, yung pumasa at maka-graduate. Pero hindi mo makukuha ‘yun ng basta-basta. Kaya ang sarap ng feeling na nakamit mo yung goal mo sa buhay because of hard work and perseverance. Now, I know that I really have to work hard and develop my craft para maging isang mahusay na aktor.”

    Gabbi-Garcia20150412GABBI GARCIA
    Ruru’s onscreen partner, Gabbi also finished high school this March. And not only did she fulfill her school requirements but she also managed to become an active and consistent member of the student council.

    Admitting how hard it has been to juggle her final year and her flourishing career, Gabbi credits her parents for guiding her throughout her many challenges.

    “They keep telling me that being in the industry isn’t forever. Iba pa rin ‘pag nakapag-aral. My parents said that if you really want to study while working, there will always be a way to do it. You just have to be focused and determined in reaching your goal to graduate.”

    Gabbi is now bent on fulfilling another goal to become a pilot.

    Renz20150412RENZ VALERIO
    More than just a diploma, this celebrity graduate also brought home a special academic citation for excellence. Asked how he did it, Renz replied, “Success starts with you. I had to struggle my way to finishing high school because there were lots of trials, but I am thankful to have had them because they have given me the opportunity to know who my true friends are. It revealed people who will always be there for me, such as my family. With these challenges, I managed to strive harder and finish high school with flying colors.”

    Charee-Pineda20150412CHAREE PINEDA
    The lone college graduate in batch 2015’s roster of celebrities is this pretty and talented achiever who completed her bachelor’s degree in Political Science. What makes Charee all the more impressive is that besides her showbiz career, she has been putting her degree to good use even before graduation as a councilor in Valenzuela City.

    For the actress, being able to finish college on top of all her responsibilities was possible because of the supportive people in her life. “Communicating well and having an efficient support system in my family and staff were everything I needed to get here,” she beamed.

    Miguel-Tanfelix20150412MIGUEL TANFELIX
    Another high school graduate of batch 2015 is Miguel Tanfelix who is quick to share his secret in time management.

    “You have to plan your schedule for the week para alam mo kung kelan ka nasa work at ano yung time mo para mag-aral. Marami ka ring sacrifices na dapat gawin. Walang imposible pag ginusto mo, so you have to have the right motivation to make it work. Pag nasa taping naman ako, I focus myself dun sa mga eksena ko and the way I act. I guess the key is to focus on what you do,” he explained.

    Derrick-Monasterio20150412DERRICK MONASTERIO
    Law school at San Beda is next for this talented young actor who had to take study modules to work on between takes to secure his diploma. “Nothing worth having comes easy,” declared Derrick. “So if you want to achieve something, you just have to work hard for it.”


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