HAIR TO STAY: Fanny Serrano’s ‘mane’ advocacy


Fanny Serrano

For many celebrities and his diverse group of clientele, Fanny Serrano is more than just a stylist; he is a genius when it comes to beauty—someone who can seemingly conjure an instant solution to any kind of beauty problem.

But even beauty experts have concerns of their own, and for Serrano its hair loss—a problem caused by common factors like unhealthy food, stress, harmful chemicals, and aging, among others.

It may not seem as serious as other aesthetic problems, but finding a long-term solution as Serrano found out takes more than just a trip to the salon.

Fortunately, as Serrano shared with members of the press, he found an all-natural solution to his hair dilemma in Novuhair.

“The truth is, I was the one who first called Novuhair,” Serrano began.

“I had problems with falling hair, which began when I turned 40. I remember waking up seeing a lot of hair as if two cats had fought in my bed,” he described. “It came to the point that I was bald [at the top of my head]and had to have a wiglet or topper made for me.”

Serrano, however, wasn’t too happy with the temporary solution; “I felt quite insecure whenever I’m wearing that topper. I can’t be at windy places, at the beach, and there are so many fear factors.”

More than the insecurity, Serrano also felt that the wearing of the topper defiled his career in the beauty industry. He admitted, “I teach at beauty seminars and I was wearing a wig! Hindi ko carry.”

To solve his worsening hair state, Serrano searched and tried many imported products to address his hair loss for almost two decades. “I had tried everything but nothing happened. My hair loss still continued.”

One day, a friend of Serrano who knew his dilemma told him about Novuhair. But when he found out that it was available at Mercury Drugstores, Serrano’s immediate reaction, was, “Sa mga imported [products]nga hindi tumubo, sa local pa!”

But as his hair became thinner, Serrano finally decided to try out the product. “I was feeling quite desperate and I thought there was no harm in trying another product.” He began applying the Novuhair scalp lotion “religiously” everyday—in the morning and in the evening.

After seven weeks, the hair loss stopped to his delight but his scalp began itching. “I was scared that it was the side effect.” But another week later, Serrano was surprised to see that hair actually grew back from his follicles.

Astounded by the result, Serrano decided to give Novuhair that “first” call.

“I didn’t introduce myself. I just said, ‘Hello, I’ve been using Novuhair, and may mga tumu-tubong buhok. Is this also part of the treatment?”

The person on the phone then told him that almost every day, hundreds of people call them to ask the same question. Still doubtful, Serrano asked why Novuhair did not say it was also hair grower in its bottle.

The answer, Serrano revealed, “Solution to hair loss was the only thing approved by BFAD.” Before ending the call, he finally introduced himself as Fanny Serrano.

Sometime later, Novuhair gave him a callback to ask if he would be willing to endorse the product. Serrano immediately agreed paving way to the three-year partnership between him and Novuhair.

He proudly said, “Why not?! It’s my life testimony. I wasn’t paid to endorse but I really experienced the wonder of Novuhair first.”

He then concluded, “I have great natural hair because of Novuhair. My hair now has volume and the texture is thick, soft and shiny. I can now say that my hair is indeed my crowning glory.”

The meeting with Serrrano coincided with the introduction of beauty queen Gwendolyn Ruais as the newest ambassador for the new Novuhair 3-in-1 pack that includes the scalp lotion, shampoo and conditioner.


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