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Google Philippines has let the secret out. Filipinos love to go online not just for news, research, games and social networking, but also for hair care and hair styling tips.

“Every day, thousands of Filipinos search for hair tips, tutorials, styles, and inspiration. In fact, ‘hair’ is one of the most searched keywords in the country, even surpassing ‘travel’,” confirmed the search engine’s client solutions manager Thomas Poulain.

He was happy to make the revelation as he helped launch a new website on September 18 that provides all the answers to questions of hair-conscious netizens in a the least number of clicks.

It’s called “All Things Hair Philippines (ATH),” an online platform of hair DIYs specially made for the Filipino.

Team ATH PHilippines: James Younghusband, Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and Phil Younghusband

Team ATH PHilippines: James Younghusband, Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and Phil Younghusband

“Indeed, what better way to address these hair care and hair styling concerns from the public than to collaborate with top bloggers and hair brands for an online destination that gives both solutions and inspirations,” Poulain enthused.

All Things Hair Philippines is a shoot off on an original concept in the United Kingdom that utilizes a YouTube channel for collections of five-minute hair tutorials. This local counterpart is made possible by partnership between Google and consumer goods giant Unilever Philippines, featuring noted beauty bloggers Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Laureen Uy, Nicole An-dersson, and football stars and brothers James and Phil Younghusband in the instructional videos.

“There are a lot of tutorials online for hair but these are usually foreign, and we can’t really relate to that. With ATH Philippines, we can find tips, solutions and inspirations that are applicable for the Filipino hair. Moreover, at we ATH, we work with really trusted brands that can help you achieve the style you want,” beauty expert and ATH contributing editor Agoo Bengzon explained.

Among the hair care and styling aids featured in the videos are Dove, Tresemme, Cream Silk, Sunsilk, Clear, and UK-based Toni & Guy, among others.

“I always get a lot of emails and tweets asking, ‘How did you get that hairstyle?’ I tell them, if I can do it at home they can to just by logging on to ATH Philippines’ channel,” guaranteed Nicole Andersson (

Kelly Misa ( added that to be able to work on your hairstyle can be quite empowering. “I usually had my hairstylist worry about my hair, but now that I learned how to fix my hair on my own, it’s just great. I can look good wherever I am and for any occasion without the help of a hairstylist.”

Given these testimonials, Bengson quickly added that ATH also carries videos specifically for men.

“There aren’t a lot of hair tutorials for men, but ATH has them,” Bengson said proudly.

“Women have a lot more options when it comes to these matters. David Beckham is my idol, and sometimes I google his hairstyle and try it on myself,” confessed Phil Younghusband. “But there was never any DIYs on how to do it until now.”

“We had limited knowledge on how style hair, but we’ve been taught by professionals how to perfect it and we look forward to sharing it with other guys out there,” James followed up.

And so with ATH Philippines, bad hair days may soon become a thing of the past both for women and men.



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