Hairstylist to Naomi Campbell opens beauty-café in Manila



Even the salon scene is leveling up this 2018! There is now a beauty cafe ala one stop shop for your hair, makeup, nails, including delicious coffee and crepe in Cinema Square, Bonifacio Global City.

In the Know met the French hair stylist behind the concept, Mehdi Moussaou, who told us why he decided to pack his bags and introduce his world class service to the Philippines’ beauty industry.

Inspired by his beauty cafe La Provence in the South of France, Mehdi shared, “I have been all over the world because of what I do, such as the UK, Europe and Hong Kong, but I was sent here three years ago by my company then [L’Oreal] to the Philippines and I was so surprised to see how fashionable the country is!

French hair stylist Mehdi Moussaou

“I work with a lot of designers now and I am amazed by the talent here, so I wanted to introduce something world class too,” he excitedly added.

La Provence is more than just a parlor for Mehdi because for him, what offers best is experience. He boasts of a 30-year career in the hair industry wherein he got to work with the world’s most famous models like Naomi Campbell and fashion brands such as Dior and Chanel.

And despite his rich and famous clientele, Medhi promised, “Whether it’s Naomi or the hard-working mom saving for the service we provide, we treat them all equally. That is the secret to La Provence—everyone is a VIP here.”

Meanwhile, with the growing diversity of tastes and exposure of the Manila crowd these days, Mehdi organized a team of international stylists.

“Two of us are French, the other one is Laurent Hebert; then we have a Ukranian stylists whose specialty is barber cutting but also does hairdressing for women; and the last one is from Nigeria who is an expert on Afro hair and braids,” he enumerated.

“This is the only place where you can find four foreign stylists, but we also have three senior stylists from the Philippines, two juniors and three assistants. Of course, the level of the Filipino staff is high because we train them very well.”

La Provence is more than just a salon for Mehdi—customers can enjoy pampering and beauty treatments as well as traditional French food

In a nutshell, Medhi finally said of La Provence, “This is a one-stop shop where you can do your hair, nails, have a facial, and also have French food like crepes, croissants, and drinks. The goal of this place is for you to stay five, six hours, and enjoy the pampering and beauty [services]without thinking of traffic.”

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