‘Halik sa Hangin’—love with a great price


STAR Cinema opens 2015 with a different kind of love story in Halik Sa Hangin.
The movie marks the very first big-screen collaboration of Gerald Anderson, JC De Vera, and Julia Montes—three of the most talented and accomplished young actors of ABS-CBN. Directed by Manny Palo and with a script written by Patrick John Valencia, Halik Sa Hangin is a gripping tale of a young woman who will embark in an extraordinary journey as she falls in love for the very first time in her life.

Mia (Julia Montes) moves to Baguio to live with her mother’s new family after the untimely passing of her father. There, Mia will meet two men who will change her life forever—Gio (Gerald Anderson), a young man who will challenge her to be adventurous and bold in facing her fears and Alvin (JC De Vera), a mature and responsible man who will inspire her to be open and passionate in welcoming new changes in her life. Gio and Alvin will introduce Mia to a world of love and obsession. Little does Mia know, falling in love comes with a very high price to pay.

Ultimately, Mia will face her biggest fears as she is compelled to make a choice on whether she is willing to sacrifice everything for the love that changed her life.

Halik Sa Hangin presents romance in a different light. The film offers an insightful look on the kind of love that consumes and thrills the heart, the kind that comes with a great price.

Fans can look forward to an unforgettable cinematic experience in Halik Sa Hangin as Star Cinema presents Gerald, JC, and Julia in their most daring roles ever—better, braver, and bolder. Halik Sa Hangin puts the thrill and rush of seduction, passion, and obsession to a whole new level.

Also starring in Halik Sa Hangin are Ina Raymundo and Edu Manzano.
Halik Sa Hangin opens ion cinemas nationwide on January 28.


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