• Hang yourself or resign, Duterte tells de Lima


    President Rodrigo Duterte’s scathing attacks on Sen. Leila de Lima are far from over.

    On Monday, the President said his nemesis should hang herself or resign from her post.

    “If I were de Lima, ladies and gentleman, I’ll hang myself. Your life, as well as the innermost of your core as a female, is being serialized everyday,” Duterte said when interviewed in Samar where he visited the wake of PO1 Gary Cabaguing, who was killed during an anti-drug operation.

    Duterte earlier slammed de Lima for being “immoral” for having an affair with her married driver, saying the latter profited from the illegal drug trade.

    Yesterday, the President said de Lima should resign from her Senate post because she is no role model for women.

    “Mag resign ka (You should resign). Wala kang ipakita…anong ipapakita mo sa mga babae (You have nothing to show. What are you going to tell women, follow me? [That] this is how to be a woman of the world?” Duterte said.

    He admitted that his bad blood with de Lima started when she, as the chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, investigated Duterte’s links to the Davao Death Squad (DDS), a vigilante group that killed suspected criminals in Davao City where Duterte served as mayor from 1998 to 2016.
    Duterte said DDS stands for Davao Development System.

    “That is what’s tough. When I was the mayor, she said she would prove that Duterte is the leader of the DDS. Why do you have to interpret it the wrong way?” the President said.

    “Sino bang gustong pumatay (Who really wants to kill?) You think it is very easy to kill a fellow human being? You build the nation on the bones of your countrymen?” he added.

    Neither weak nor guilty
    But de Lima rejected Duterte’s advice.

    While she admitted that she considered resigning because of the vicious attacks against her, she chose not to.

    “After much reflection resignation at this point will be an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness and I’m neither weak nor guilty,” de Lima stressed.

    The senator said she has no intention to attend the hearing of the House of Representatives on the alleged proliferation of drugs at the National Bilibid Prison during her term as Justice secretary.

    “I have been adjudged guilty already by the President and do you think that House inquiry will be anything near fair to me?” de Lima said.

    “I’m finished in so far as the President is concerned that is why he wants me to resign and then I will show up in that hearing? I won’t have any respect left for myself if I do that,” the senator added.

    De Lima earlier said that she is willing to resign if the President can prove her alleged links to illegal drugs.


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