Happy Birthday Lolo Oca


‘15 native trees were adopted in your name’

Hannah May R. Viola not only “Adopted a Patch” or 15 native trees in time for her lolo’s birthday, but she also wrote a poem to culminate the celebration. Her Lolo Oca turned 87 on June 14.

Dearest Lolo Oca,

You are like a tree,
Planted near streams of water,
That yields its fruit in season.
Its leaves never wither;
Whatever they do prosper.

Your stern and sturdy stance give me
the idea of distance,
Yet a distance that can be so
miraculously bridged
By the love that emanates from you.
Your arm-like branches hold us tightly,
Supporting a generation,
Sustaining the Earth,
Nurturing seedlings of goodness.

Your soft voice, wheezing through the breeze,
Resounding like a memory, of stories
of laughter and joy;
The pace of nature, you have mastered,
Patient and understanding amidst the storm.

Your wisdom cultivates mine,
As you see not only what is without
But what is within.
Your love makes me thrive
in places I thought I never would.

A shelter you have made,
A nesting place,
Rooted in respect and trust,
Which I proudly call home.
As these trees in your name stand, the world will forever be reminded that you were once here.

Happy birthday to the person who brought life back to the Earth. For many years to come.

Adopt a seedling, a patch, or even an entire forest by donating to the Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020 movement. Visit bit.ly/roadto2020 or email support @haribon.org.ph today for more information.


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