• ‘Happy, healthy hearts’ spaghetti


    If you forgot all about Valentine’s Day all together, you can make it up to your significant other by whipping up a hearty meal in the kitchen. As always, the easiest dish always spells “pasta,” and if Filipinos are to have it, the noodle has to be spaghetti and the sauce bright red.

    If you’re not much of a Nigella Lawson in the kitchen, there is no need to fret. You can still impress the hubby, or kids with easy pasta dishes. There are a lot of ready to use pasta sauces in the market today to make cooking a lot easier for you. Dole Spaghetti Sauce continues to fill the markets with different variants including Sweet Style for children; Italian Style for those who want their pasta with a bit of zest; and of course the traditional Filipino Style, which is just the right blend of sweet and salty.

    These products promise not just happy hearts after the meal but healthy hearts too since each of the variants are free from MSG and preservatives. A pack contains cooked tomatoes that have five times more lycopene, a pigment not only responsible for color but also fights symptoms of lung and colon cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes.

    A research at the University of Manchester discovered that lycopene provides 33 percent more protection against sunburn, protecting the skin and preventing it from easy aging. Yet another study in Harvard suggested that lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men and that those who showed higher lycopene content were less prone to suffering heart attacks.

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