Happy we-mums month!



Yes, yes I know Mother’s Day is due in two months time but, hey, one cannot help but mention mothers when we talk about women.

In commemoration of Women’s Month, why not double the celebration by honoring both women and mothers! How special are we, women anyway?

Did you know that God created Eve because one, it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18) and two, because He found no suitable helper for Adam (Genesis 2:20).

See how important woman is? (Why do you think we have Women’s Month and there is no Man’s Month? ;) PS: I do not intend to sound feminist here because the truth is, in our patriarchal society, men are honored, obeyed and submitted to daily everywhere!)

Finally, did you know that when God made Eve, he had the needs of Adam in mind and God Himself brought her to him (Genesis 2:22)?

Simply put, God knows the needs of man that no other creation can fulfill. He knows man’s need of a “helper.” And that helper only comes in the form of a woman. And the woman God created was carefully created with a specific role – to be Adam’s helpmate.

(Admit it men, you need us women and you cannot live without us! Admit it women, we are life-bound to submit to men because it is a command in the Bible. Just bear in mind that submission is never indicative of a lower position nor rank.)

Two women I look up to in life, my lifegivers and ultimate homemakers: My Mom Irene and Wowa Melba

Kidding aside, Women’s Month to me is really a celebration of our Womanhood! It is not about us being the stronger sex nor we can do this and you men cannot. No. We celebrate the uniqueness of our gender. We recognize what we have and take pride in it, in exactly how God beautifully created us to be – never in comparison to the opposite sex. We express gratitude for how God made us. Ultimately, when we honor women, we honor, The Creator who fearfully and wonderfully made us (Psalm 139:14).

So what is it about women that we take pride in? How did God create us? What is it that we have or we are that are uniquely us that ought to be celebrated?

Women by nature are multi-taskers. As best seen in mothers. We can manage doing several things all at the same time. Clean the house while cooking. Answer e-mails while waiting for the beef nilaga to be tender. Tutoring your child while folding clothes and what not. Women just seem to manage it with such a breeze. Whereas others … okay okay I promised not to compare!

Women are child-bearers who give life and sustain it. Although without man, conception will not take place, God created woman to be the only creation that can carry human life – one of the tasks truly only a woman’s body can perform.

Did you know that when a woman gets pregnant, her body gives way for the growing baby? The organs move to accommodate the life. And once delivered, it is also only through the mother’s body that that life is meant to be sustained in the best possible way through her breast milk.

As if that was not enough, did you know that the breast produces the exact amount of milk the baby needs, and the quality and content of milk it produces and supplies is tailor-fit for the needs of the baby at that particular age? The breasts also receive signal that it is time for the baby to feed, even when the mother is away. When it starts to engorge, the baby is hungry.

Amazing and unique body God created! A body only a woman has!

Women are naturally nurturers. I would like to believe that all women are innately nurturing, you know, effortlessly tender, gentle, loving, sweet, doting, caressing; while men are created to be tough.

Perhaps this has to do with our specific, ultimate gender goals and realizations. A woman is meant to be a mother – who brings and cares for life and a man is to fully realize his being a man in becoming a father, who provides and protects life at all costs. (This of course is not to exclude those who may be called to a life of single blessedness. They are still able to become mothers and fathers to many, in fact.)

Today, I commend mothers, and all women who are acting-mothers to their siblings, nephews and nieces. You are beautiful. You are special. You are important. Life is more beautiful and bearable because of you. Do not take yourself for granted, despite all your responsibilities and number of people to attend to. You are needed and wanted. Thank you!

I thank the Lord for how we are made – carefully thought of, with a specific and clear purpose, beautiful. Thank you God for Your beautiful creations!

* * *

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