• Happy News Year?


    It has become traditional for newspapers and other media organizations to wish their followers a happy new year every December 31st. This year we at The Manila Times will wish for something different.

    We wish all our readers, advertisers, friends and followers a Happy News Year for 2014.

    We realize that there will always be good news and bad news. This is the stuff that newspapers and broadcast organizations disseminate regularly. Online media, too.

    The year that ends today was certainly full of the former. If bad news comes in threes, then we can cite the pork barrel scam, the Bohol earthquake, and Super Typhoon Yolanda as the worst triumvirate of news to hit the Philippines in ages.

    Two were acts of nature, while one was man made. That one showed the Filipino at his/her worst. The pork barrel scam was plunder on the grandest scale imaginable, committed by parties totally bereft of a conscience.

    For them, it was perfectly all right to rob the country blind, to the tune of billions of pesos. It was also fine for them to flaunt their stolen wealth.

    The best news we want for 2014 is for all the crooks involved in the scandal to receive their comeuppance. We would rather witness their karma sooner than later.

    As for our countrymen in Bohol and the rest of central Visayas, the new year will be when they will struggle to return to normalcy, and they have nothing but our prayers and best wishes. That will be a long and hard road that they must trek, but with the rest of the country pulling for them, there is no reason why they should not be back on their feet soon enough.

    This is not to say that the year that ends to today saw nothing but bad news. Not so.

    Our beauty queens showed the world that Filipinos are indeed a beautiful people. Not just pretty, but beautiful. Our ladies won two of the top three global beauty contests, and came close to winning the third.

    And the magnificent Manny Pacquiao was both a source of great and awful news. The great was, of course, his masterful return to form with a stunning victory in Macau.

    Too bad for Pacman that he has had problems with the taxman, both Filipino and American.

    One piece of good news we and the rest of the world are looking forward to is for the Filipino to meet American Floyd Mayweather in the ring to settle once and for all who is the better fighter.

    This 2014, President Benigno Aquino 3rd enters his penultimate year as the country’s chief executive. If the economy continues to grow at the same pace as it did in the past several years, then he can brush aside whatever political crises that will beset his administration.

    We can only wish him the best because he remains the duly elected president of the Philippines.

    The new year is upon us. May 2014 be filled with more good news than bad for all of us.


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