• Happy words from Chinese envoy


    THE words heard the other day from the mouth of the People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador to the Philippines were music to our ears. Ambassador Zhao Jianhua assured President Benigno Aquino 3rd that the disputes between his country and ours are only “temporary.”

    He spoke at the Manila Hotel where the Filipino-Chinese community’s leading associations were celebrating both the 116th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine Independence from Spain and the 13th Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day. Ambassador Zhao said China wants peace and stability in the region.

    “The difficulties we’re facing on South China Sea are temporary,” he said. He expressed confidence in the ability of the two countries to settle the dispute “through negotiations and consultations.”

    “It is our common aspiration to maintain peace and stability and to keep the momentum of economic growth,” China’s ambassador also said, adding, “It is our common responsibility to handle the South China Sea issue in a proper and peaceful manner. It is our common responsibility to carry on and further promote bilateral friendship and cooperation inherited from our ancestors to the future generations. This serves the fundamental interests of our two countries, the well-being of our two peoples as well as peace and stability of the region.”

    It was nice to hear him say these words that every Chinese ambassador has said before: “The Chinese government has always attached great importance to its relations with the Philippines, and I believe that we have the wisdom, patience and courage to settle the disputes through negotiations and consultations.”

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd was also a speaker in the Chinese-Filipino event. He thanked China for its help and commitment to improve the “circumstances of our people.” China has been helping in the rehabilitation of those people in the Visayas who were severely afflicted by Super Typhoon Yolanda. And Chinese investments in the Philippines, especially during the Macapagal-Arroyo regime that the Aquino regime replaced, have been a big factor in the Philippine macro-economic success that has impressed the rest of the world.

    President Aquino correctly pointed out that “the disputes that we do have in the sea that borders our respective lands should not be the sum total of our relationships.” “Peace and stability are necessary components” for the progress of China, the Philippines and the region, he added.

    Earlier, words of wisdom also came from former National Security Adviser Retired General Jose Almonte. He reiterated thoughts that he has actually been writing about and saying for years about our country’s relations with China. He said that because it is China’s grand plan to be a superpower, it seeks to be the top power in Asia and thus wants to have control over the South China Sea (which is our West Philippine Sea). Because of this we Filipinos have to realize and face up to the reality that China and the Philippines will always have disputes over that issue because these waters are part of Philippine territory.

    General Almonte’s wise prescription is people-to-people relations. These should be strengthened and expanded. Relations between the governments and military branches of China and the Philippines are one thing. But cooperative ties between individuals and groups of civilian scientific, medical, cultural, economic, agricultural, technological, literary and business people working together can flourish despite these conflicts.


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    1. And if you believe this mindless dribble,i have some nice ocean front property in Arizona i would like to sell you also.

    2. Don’t believe these lies. Chinese officials are liars. Look at Mischief reef. For their fishermans shelter lang daw. This official has no official order to utter those words. Chinese are mongoloids who are by nature liars.

    3. There’s a saying “fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on ME” I think Philippines has been fooled too many times already and don’t know what to call it anymore…since immemorial China has been spewing all the sweetest words but its actions contradict every word that it says. Philippines wake up???? A friend don’t steal its friends assets. We know once occupied there is no way to claim it back. Continue with arbitration and send our news coast guard ships there to guard what’s remaining territory left for the future generation of Philippines.

    4. Tama yan. Pero expect the Communist Party fascists that rule China to continue expanding their countries control over the region–through money and force of arms.
      That;s why the Filipinos should form alliances with the US, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and others that are not really China’s agents.

    5. efren najito on

      China knows how power Philippines has, even in the simple things Philippin should distruct them by methods, now, stay away from our territory, do it with action not by words, you see the beginning of the end, it will start very soon if you should not listen to the intr’l law,

    6. Pete Gabriel on

      Spoken like a true diplomat. If you believe this, you will believe in fairy tales. China is not a country, it is a corporation, everything that it does is not for the good of the people but for the corporation. They could not care less about their people, do you think they care about the Filipino’s sensibilities and our welfare? Think again!

    7. China would say sweet and convincing words but their actual actions on the disputed territorial seas shows the opposite . and its rather wise to be careful and be cautious in those regards and etc. This coming election Filipinos would have the opportunity to elect a candidate who is intellectually qualified , well-experienced and who has the compassion to serve his country over self-interest .