• Haribon member finds calling

     Czarina Constantino teaches biodiversity to public elementary students through the HARI Ecovan—Biodiversity on Wheels Program.

    Czarina Constantino teaches biodiversity to public elementary students through the HARI Ecovan—Biodiversity on Wheels Program.

    I do not agree with the idea of a pre-destined path, or the “calling” before.

    To better explain myself, I haven’t seen dedicating myself in doing something in the near future.

    Last January 2013, my friend and I decided to climb Mt. Pulag but realized that we are not yet ready physically and emotionally, so we went to Sagada Mountain Province instead. Little did I know, this impulsive travel, which I expected to regret actually changed my life. The place is beyond beautiful, with places I would always remember and return to.

    While on our way home, I found myself staring blankly at the window as sceneries pass by me. I saw how mountains shifted its colors from green to brownish, and I remember thinking, “What have we done to Sagada?”

    When we reached La Trinidad, Benguet, the mountains were already filled with houses, but without forests. I was deeply saddened by what I saw that I did not notice tears falling down my cheeks. I remember saying, “hindi dapat to mangyari sa Sagada, dapat may gawin ako [This shouldn’t be happening to Sagada, I should do something].” A week after my trip to Sagada, I became a Haribon member and it sincerely changed my life.

    I promised to myself to be an active member by diligently learning about the environment and experiencing measures first-hand. I was able to appreciate bird watching, which I did not understand back in college.

    I learned that birds have different features and bright colors. Corals, on the other hand, are animals that are essential in the proliferation of underwater species. It was a good feeling to be acquainted with these environments that I get pumped and fulfilled after every activity.

    This slowly changed my perspective, making me appreciate nature more and pushing me to involve more on biodiversity conservation measures.

    Right now, I am studying my post-graduate degree on Environmental Management, after my Environmental Psychology course. I want to contribute on changing how people view the environment.

    Currently, I am working for Haribon Foundation as a training assistant.

    My work primarily teaches biodiversity to elementary students, hopefully, the country’s future eco-warriors. My heart fills with happiness as students write their pledges for the environment while we all sing Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.”

    I am enjoying my chosen path and I pledge to continue this advocacy until the day the people consider the environment in their daily activities such as pre-recycling and vermicomposting.

    This proves that the idea of a “calling” is true as I have found mine with the environment.


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