• Haribon is ‘PARa sa Kalikasan’ beneficiary


    Environmental group Haribon Foundation has been chosen as the official beneficiary of Pinoy Aspiring Runners’ (PAR) benefit and year-long segment run entitled “PARa sa Kalikasan.”

    PARa sa Kalikasan aims to raise awareness about global warming that is “an urgent issue that needs to be spotlighted,” according to PAR president Joseph Balbino, stressing the importance of taking part in a worthy cause.

    “We can see the effects of global warming through the earth, water, air and through fire or heat,” Haribon Foundation said.

    According to the foundation, not only is global warming killing a lot of our species, it also threatens our survival through effects on the food that we eat, water we drink, air we breathe and the weather we experience.

    For 45 years, Haribon programs have focused on protecting and conserving biodiversity from the ridge to reef.

    “We cannot wait. We have to do something now. By joining the run, people will get the chance to take part in mitigating the devastating impacts of global warming by supporting our conservation programs,” added Haribon.

    Four-part run

    PARa sa Kalikasan consists of four parts that highlight the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth—all of which are also central elements to climate change and global warming.

    The benefit run will be held on these dates: Fire run on April 15, Water run on June 17, Air run on September 30, and the Earth run on November 18.

    Finisher medals form a puzzle piece that can be put together to represent the interconnectedness of all life and the four nature elements.

    PARa sa Kalikasan is a charity run organized in collaboration with MnK Concepts and Events and co-organized
    by Silamie Apolistar-Gutang.

    For more details, visit any Garmin shop or go to http://par.com.ph. Stephanie Lim

    Pinoy Aspiring Runners is a running club organization with more than 1,000 members striving to share their love for competitive and cooperative running by bringing the Filipino people together from all walks of life, to move in the same positive direction.

    MnK is a professional event management organization that serves unparalleled event planning, concept and services.


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