• Haribon wins MIIS Naturalist Award


    Environmental group Haribon Foundation bagged the Naturalist Intelligence Award of the 7th Multiple Intelligence Awards presented by the Multiple Intelligence International School (MIIS) on Sunday, April 23 at the AFP Theater.

    The Multiple Intelligence (MI) Awards, which is co-presented by Smart Communications, recognizes individuals and organizations who make a difference in the society through various intelligences such as linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist intelligence.

    According to MIIS, people or groups with strong naturalist intelligence have a profound concern for species and their communion with the natural world and its phenomena. The Naturalist Intelligence Awardee is not only a nature-lover but also one who comes up with sustainable solutions to preserve our Mother Nature and help those affected by environmental issues.

    Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc. gave birth to the environmental movement in the country. Since 1972, it has taken up the challenge to maintain the integrity of Philippine ecosystems through building constituencies, empowering communities and applying multi-disciplinary research.

    Through this award, MIIS aimed to strengthen its commitment to raising awareness about the importance of environmental education and inculcating stewardship for its next generation of students.

    Among those conferred with the Naturalist Intelligence Award were Von Hernandez in 2005, Narda Camacho in 2007, Illac Diaz in 2009, Jasper Inventor in 2011, Anna Meloto-Wilk in 2013, and Dr. Josette Biyo in 2013.

    Other intelligence awardees this year are The Storytelling Project for linguistics, Mountain Maid Training & Development Foundation, Inc. for logical-mathematics, Bikes for the Philippines for bodily kinesthetic, Klassical Music Foundation for music, Philippine Toy Library for interpersonal and IVolunteer Philippines for intrapersonal.

    The Multiple Intelligence International School advocates for the multiple intelligence educational framework.
    Through the MI awards, it hopes to provide the youth with model organizations that they can emulate to help make a lasting impact in the world today.

    Kitty Amante/Haribon Foundation


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