Has Aquino lost his mind?


AS I listened to President Aquino 3rd speak the other day at a prayer meeting with religious organizations, that question did grip my mind. There’s no other explanation why he acted the way he did in that event.

It was a prayer meeting for chrissake – why was Aquino bad-mouthing and heaping hatred on the sacked police Special Action Force (SAF) director Getulio Napeñas, saying he botched the operation and that no one else is to blame but him? It’s certainly most unchristian for the most powerful man in the country to use his podium — and on national television — to blame a police general for the massacre of 44 SAF troopers. How devastating can that be to the career of a police general still a few years to retirement?

There wasn’t even a word from him regarding what acting police chief Leonardo Espina emphasized in a Senate hearing, as his eyes got misty and his voice cracked: “Let’s assume there was no coordination, let’s assume the SAF made mistakes. But did the MILF need to massacre our men, when they were already helpless and their uniforms very clearly showed they were policemen?”

It’s certainly most unchristian for the President to be so unfair to not just a citizen but an officer of the law, who had previously risked his life to enforce the law. Why would he throw accusations against Napeñas in a televised speech, when the police general wasn’t given the chance in the same venue to present his side?

How can we now expect the reports from two investigating groups—the Philippine National Police’s Board of Inquiry and the justice department—to be objective when their boss, the Commander-in-Chief, already has made his conclusion, that it was all the fault of Napeñas?

Why is he, in the first place, rushing to make Napeñas the scapegoat so much so that he asks his official Joel Villanueva, the head of the Technology Skills and Development Authority who’s been implicated in the pork-barrel scam, to ask his father Ed to corral his fellow “evangelists” to go to Malacanang to act as his captive audience, and who would be most willing to ask only those questions he tells them to ask? (An indication of the power this group has is that there were many empty seats in the gathering.)

Are they praying that he keep his wits?

Are they praying that he keep his wits?

Aquino must have gone mad because he could not accept the fact that what he thought would be his great victory playing general who captured two international terrorists turned out to be a bloody failure—no one’s really celebrating Marwan’s capture, with the nation, instead, mourning over the murder of the 44 commandos.

That Aquino has gone mad is also evident in the fact that he didn’t even mention the culpability—legally and morally—of resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima, his buddy since the 1980s—in the massacre. Only somebody caught up in his own mad world like Aquino could think the nation wouldn’t notice that he didn’t even say a word about Purisima.

Purisima’s instructions
Napeñas merely was following the instructions of Purisima, who had made it so clear that even if he was suspended by the Ombudsman in December, the President ignored that suspension and treated him as if he were still the PNP chief, and as the commander of the special operations to kill the international terrorists in Mamasapano. (Telegraphing his guilt, Purisima has refused to answer questions by the PNP’s Board of Inquiry on the event.)

Why would Aquino blame Napeñas for not coordinating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the other units of the PNP when it was Purisima—right after coming out of the room where he talked to the President —who told him not to do so, as he intended that (Purisima), instead, would tell them (“coordinate”) about the operation.

Aquino is digging his political grave deeper, and getting entangled in the web of the lies he spits out every time he talks about the Mamasapano massacre.

He knew that the Mamasapano operation would be undertaken in the early morning of Jan. 25, and he even emphasized in his speech that the “time on target” was 2:30 a.m., since Muslims, he boasted to be aware of, get up every 4 a.m. for their morning prayers. He had been briefed about the operation and similar operations, and about how dangerous it could be.

But he himself admitted in his speech at the ‘prayer meeting’ that he was still asleep at 7 a.m. when the first text message—from Purisima— arrived at 5:45 a.m. (“Una kong natanggap na text, nandito pa ho sa telepono ko, parang pinadala ng 5:45– aminin ko nakapatay ‘yung telepono ko, 7:00 more or less ‘nung pagbangon (ko) binuksan, sinagot ko siya ng about 7:30 or so–at sinabi sa akin doon sa text ni Director General (Alan) Purisima.)

Was he on drugs the night before that he could wake up only at 7 a.m. (and as he himself said, could send a reply text only at 7:30 a.m.) even if he knew there was a very important operation that would put the lives of nearly 400 policemen in harm’s way, that it might need his intervention? Or is 7 a.m. his regular wake-up time that nothing, not even events that could result in the killing of his men, should make his aides wake him up?

He is the commander-in-chief, and there was a very sensitive operation that he knew would hit the enemy at 2:30 a.m. Yet he admitted he was still asleep until 7 a.m. That Aquino wasn’t even aware that he was admitting to such gross, even criminal, neglect is one reason I think this person has gone mad.

He even admitted that it was Purisima he was in contact with and not Napeñas. But the Ombudsman suspended Purisima in December!

He knew about the operation at 7 a.m., and was getting text messages the whole morning. Yet the Commander-in-Chief didn’t even ask his security officials Mar Roxas, Voltaire Gazmin, and AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang to a meeting to really find out what was happening so he could issue orders that could have prevented the massacre of 44 commandos? He acted as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening nearly the whole day while they were going around Zamboanga City on Jan. 25.

How could a police general like Napeñas, who in the PNP hierarchy is four levels below the PNP chief, set up “coordination” with the Armed Forces? Aquino doesn’t even realize that coordination between the PNP and its peer-body, the AFP, can be ordered only by the Commander-in-Chief, and that person is him, or somebody he authorizes to represent him. Napenas thought this person was Aquino’s closest confidante from way back, Purisima.

But Purisima obviously failed to set up the ‘coordination’ needed, and even ordered Napeñas not to inform Roxas, Gazmin and Catapang about the operation.

What had happened, which led to the massacre of the 44 commandos, had become crystal clear to the nation. His apologists among the ranks of opinion writers have quite conspicuously been silent on the issue.

We will be shamed as a nation if we acquiesce to Aquino’s attempt to cover up the truth, and if we don’t get this madman out of power as soon as possible.
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  1. erik tanumtanum on

    come to think of it, this ass of a president is trying to divide the country and rip it asunder. He is trying to achieve what the terrorist MILF, MNLF, ASG, BIFF, JIM and a myriad of other terrorist have tried so hard to achieve for the last 50 or so odd years, our very own president compromising the integrity of our national territory.

    Its just sad that 44 of our best boys had to die for the Filipino people to realize the complete and utter stupidity of this nin com poop president. For this, their sacrifice were not in vain. The BBL scheme to divide the Philippines and give large swaths of Philippine land to terrorists was exposed.

    These mighty men of valour we shall never forget. The Constitution will protect us from this inutile tenant of Malacanan, and for those inevitable idiots who will govern in the future. God help the Philippines. God Save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines!

  2. so unfortunate for the country to be led by a blatant liar and a leader with a mind of a child…….. .. the things he does and says are not normal for a president.

  3. erik tanumtanum on

    Thank god I didn’t vote for this idiot. He screwed up a hostage drama so bad, it was a sign of things to come. He fought the Supreme Court, for crying out loud, how stupid is that? He must have thought the Philippines as his very own Hacienda Luisita, the poor ass.Now this. I don’t think this guy has a conscience. The Hacienda Luisita Massacre was also a telltale sign of his crazed mind.

    He behaves like a washerwoman. Talks a lot, blames others for his idiocy. My god i have never seen such an idiotic president. Frat men from UP, or ROTC could have
    done a better job leading than this girl.

  4. Isip bata naghahanap ng kakampi. We’re in a real crisis here with this kind of leader.

  5. i rejoice upon reading criticsms about Pnoy. Here in the Times Journal no Noytard dares violate our space. Its official – we have a madman for a president.

  6. From the beginning, when Noynoy Aquino won in the presidency, people around him already knows his condition, A man without will-power, a man with medications. His relatives and close friends are only monitoring the taking of his maintenance medicine, to stabilized his body, his mind and other physical functions. There was already a prescriptions that his sisters, uncle Peping are following up that if he could not take that medicine, his mouth would be full of saliva the reasons no girlfriends could withstand the condition. But he is the President of the country why no personal physician on the side and serious and brilliant advisers near him., because he is a hard headed person who spend his daily life playing like in a video game. Now, close friends, relatives, thinktank, technocrats, please stay nearer to the President to act quickly, and protect our country as the leader often out of his mind and could not think properly during fullmoon. Most people said he is lunatic.

  7. Let me suggest a diagnosis for abnoys ailment NPD . Narcissistic
    Personality Disorder yes there is such a disease look it up.

  8. Di nga ba tinawag na congenital liar ang ama nya? So naturalmente, yun DNA ng isang congenital liar ay lalabas at lalabas sa anak. Ano pa ang asasahan mo dyan? So it goes to show that di na rin dapat paniwalaan lahat ng sasabihin nya at wala na sya moral authority to command. Nagtataka din naman ako kun bakit pa sya pinakikinggan ng isang abugado tulad ni Frank at iba pang abugado sa Lower House? Hindi ba isang dahilan ng impeachment ay pag sira na ang ulo ng namumuno?

  9. Emmanuel E. Austria on

    The problem with our President is:
    1. He does’nt want to admit mistakes
    2. He is over protective with his favorate men even if it is obvious that they have done wrong.
    3. His advisers does not review well his speeches or press releases. They should have a bull session and have everybodys should submit their recommendations.
    I am inviting everybody to pray for our country.

  10. either we are cursed or just simply foolish as a country to have such kind of president…

  11. Bakit up to now, hindi pa nacoCONTEMPT C PURISIMA ng SANDIGANBAYAN? SUSPENDED PERO Sya pa rin ang nagmando sa OPLAN EXODUS! Payag ba kayo mga HOKUM na binabastos ni PURISIMA?

  12. Walang utak at bulaan si Pnoy. Nag-imbita pa ng mga pastor para prayer meeting daw.. baka naman PAYER MEETING YUN… Binasbasan pa nga siya nung mga pastor para sa kasinungalingan niya.

  13. Oterol Salgnud on

    In this kind of operation were the target are high profiles terrorist, the President and the other higher officials concern will be in one room to monitor closely the event. No one will go to sleep as in one mistake the raiding teams will be in danger. And this is the result of non coordination with them “Fallen 44”. During the operation of the US to get the Al Qaidah leader Binladin all the higher officials concerns include the President Obama were in one room monitoring the operation and they got a good result a Successful Operation.

  14. I thought one of the virtue of PMA’er is to uphold the truth (lies cost cadet cudia his place in PMA’s graduation), but here we are those PMA’er at PNP’s helm are a bunch of F…..g liars of course with the exception of a very very few good men so to speak. or I am just hallucinating to thought it that way? Anyway election is coming in next year, I hope our electorate would be wise enough by then.

  15. I think everyone is not focusing on the ” real ” problem. It is not whether the operation was well planned/executed or poorly planned/executed, rather, why wasn’t there any reinforcement when the SAF troopers needed it ?? A text message for ” best effort ” assistance is tantamount to saying, try to reinforce, just so we can say we tried.

    Did someone order a stand down, i would think so. And i do not think the AFP Chief of staff and/or generals ordered the stand down, i would assume that they will help their own. Someone higher up did, more likely BS Aquino since DILG and DND heads were ” not informed ” of this operation.

    Mr. Tiglao, pls research more on why there was no reinforcement cause this is where the problem lies. Talk of poor planning/coordination is just smoke and mirrors to divert the attention away from who ordered not to reinforce the beleaguered SAF troopers

  16. Amnata Pundit on

    First there was the Japanese collaborator who was Ninoy Aquino’s father. Then as as a senator for almost 5 years Ninoy Aquino wrote only one law, and that was only a study now pay later plan for students who were spreading mayhem in the streets disguised as activists but were actually being used by Ninoy in his other role as a secret communist leader to advance his presidential ambition by fighting Marcos. He committed treason by exposing Marcos’ Sabah plans which resulted in the Mindanao war. The communists bombed Plaza Miranda and Ninoy without basis accused Marcos of the crime, thereby wounding the country’s politics so severely the effects are still with us more than 40 years after it happened. The NPA he founded with his cohorts Joma and Dante are still at war with the state up to now. Then Cory, well we all know what Cory did. Now we have this Boy Sayad. My point is we must never allow another member of this Unholy Family to ascend to any position of power as they obviously possessed by some kind of malevolent spirit bent on creating havoc on our country, and this goes specially for that that cousin named Bam (Bum or Bomb, whatever his name connotes it doesn’t sound good). Banish them all to Malaysia.

  17. babeth consigno on

    Nasaan an ng Hyatt 10?di ba kaya sila nag resign noon ay dahil nagsinungaling din si GMA?Nagyon,ano kaya ang kanilang stand sa pangyayari ngayon na 44 na pulis ang namatay at si PNOY ay nagmamatigas na hindi nya alam.Kapit tuko pa rin ba sa pwesto ang Hayup 10?

    • Hinahanap ko din ang Hyatt 10 na yan. Akala mo mga puno nang principio…ngayon…yung mga nandyan pa din sa poder, enjoy na enjoy sila! Tignan niyo ang mga facebook, ang lalaki nang ulo! Nag seself advertise pa ang iba!

    • eltee mulawin on

      >>> Alam ng lahat kung nasaan ang mga Hyup10. Sila ay nagpapakalunod sa mga salaping ibinudbod ni Nguyngoy sa kanila mula sa DAP, KASAMA ANG GRUPO NG “BLACK & WHITE MOVEMENT” PATI NA ANG MGA ARTISTA TULAD NI REX CORTES, LEAH NAVARRO, ETC.

  18. I am baffled in no end by this continued blame-game played by no less than the captain of the ship who, instead of claiming responsibility, by part or in whole, on what caused his ship in distress, elected to point guilty finger on his unsuspecting crew while he enjoys the luxury of being save first instead of him rescuing others and be the last to go off-board and walk offshore…
    whew! onli in da pilipins

  19. We are a nation of 100M Filipinos, being led by one clueless President who can’t even fathom the fact that he is the commander-in-chief and the responsibility that such title entails; can’t even distinguish what is lie and what is truth. What happened? How can we allow this to happen to us? How can a blind lead the way?

  20. 44 souls are haunting P-Noy everyday the SAF commandos he abandoned and betrayed.Will not be surprise if he shot himself cannot fight conscience.

    • He is so stupid and uncoordinated, that if he tries to shoot himself, he will probably miss. ayayay.

  21. SAF trooper wife on

    Napuyat kasi sa paglalaro ng PSP kaya late gising niya! Seriously, bakit ba nagging Presidente etong taong eto? Anong nagawa niya nung nasa Senate siya? Bokya di ba? Naging Presidente siya kasi naawa mga Pilipino dahil namatay ang Nanay. So look at what we’re having now? Chaotic, self-serving, arrogan ant and self-righteous President. Kung ordinaryong tao ka, alam mo na may pupuntahan ang kaibigan, tauhan or kakilala na delikadong lugar- makakatulog ka ba ng mahimbing? Hindi ba mag-aalala ka, panay check mo sa cellphone mo na baka tumawag or magtext. You’re right Sir, he’s unchristian and day by day, he’s losing his mind. Or shall I say, he has lost his mind before he became a President. I really want to know from the point of view of a psychiatrist if there’s any disorder that is manifesting in PNOY now. His body language, the way he speaks his mind and those candid moments that I saw on TV is totally disturbing. There’s something wrong about him.

    • No, he hasn’t lost his mind. How can one lose something that he doesn’t have to start with?

  22. What bothered me was the “:aaminin ko nakapatay yong cellphone ko…” WHAT??? a President turning off his cellphone? paano nalang kung may national emergency eh di siya mahahagilap… this is really worrisome..

    • Nilo del Mundo on

      that’s what got me too
      I am a small businessman and i never turn off my phone even while sleeping
      but i turn off my phone when i have a customer who is bugging me every minute
      sa makatwid, kung gusto ko umiwas sa tawag

      another issue. WALA BA TAYO TIGA GISING sa Presidente alternative hot line kapag may national emergency?

  23. I believe NoyNoy hasn’t lost his mind. I think he just isn’t ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He seems to be hiding something. That is probably why he can’t come clean. He come across as a very poor actor so I don’t believe his deceit and lame excuses.

    • I agree. He hasn’t lost mind. He couldn’t possibly lose anything that he doesn’t have from the very start.

  24. It is sad that we may need to rebuild this country from the ashes. This country is going nowhere but down to the abyss of civil strife. Slowly but surely the people are losing their apathy and is now taking baby steps for a social upheaval that will break the status quo.

  25. Bert O. Romero on

    A commander-in-chief who will go out of his way to publicly betray and abandon his men using gutter- style phrases ( ” Ako’y nabola”) does not deserve respect and is definitely not worth dying for. Aquino is such a man. And if Napenas , despite this latest blatant betrayal by the president with him being thrown under an armored personnel carrier , continues his misplaced martyrdom by keeping his silence thereby protecting a cowardly president and an opportunistic and unprincipled CPNP (Purisima), then Napenas deserves what is inexorably coming to him: a sacrificial lamb. Letting his spokesman-lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre speak for him , in spite of his articulateness, will not adequately capture what really transpired and convey the tragic drama of the fallen SAF 44 . It will be another tragedy if the actual roles of of president Aquino playing general and Purisima acting as “adviser” are kept unknown due primarily to Napenas’ misplaced sense of loyalty .

  26. He has not lost his mind but rather he has a treacherous mind, whose goal is to destroy this country. But the Lord God is protecting the Filipino people, in order to uncover his Anti-Filipino mind and Fake Filipino heart.

  27. Lerma P. Jacinto on

    Very good points, Mr. Tiglao.
    PNoy should be a lesson to the Filipino voters.
    A nation’s Commander-in-Chief who can not accept responsibility for the death of his warrior(s) is not worthy to become a leader.

  28. Samuel Santos on

    I’d say PNoy has totally lost control of his “faculties” when he starts talking aloud to himself.

  29. Again after praying, PNoy is so blessed and enlighten that it gave him the courage and tenacity to make a speech that he was deceived by Naspenas! I think I agree that PNoy maybe…! I believe that after a prayer you will be at peace and you will be forgiving. Well, it maybe a character flaw, as he did the same when he meet with the Pope that when it was time for him to speak, he berated the Bishop and Priest! Whomever planned the event should re-think their damage control strategy or probably fired or resign!

  30. Yes, he has LOST his mind! If first happened when he ran for President in 2010, even knowing that he has NO Qualifications for the Presidency except being the son of his parents! Pathetic!

  31. A leader who upholds subordinates’ feat only in time of success. But not in failure. Neither the AFP & PNP need a Yellow Commander-in-Chief, nor a Commander-in-Cheap! My salute to Napeñas who has already accepted responsibility from day one.

  32. granny goose on

    If anything, the latest move of PNoy stems from desperation… prayer meetings are meant to bring blessings… it is very sad that event was used by the President to pin down Napeñas and did not have a modicum of humility to acknowledge his own faults before God.. I would like to believe the Pastors were unwilling victims… of all people they are in a better position to know how prayer meetings go…

  33. Lord Chimera on

    He was already mad in the first place, but his gripe on things may be fraying bit by bit at the edges. The reason he played this charade of prayer meeting is to assure himself that he won’t falter due to “God’s grace” (HA! as if the Big Guy was listening to him) and that he is doing the right thing.

  34. Melchor Vergara on

    seriously speaking, Mr. Tiglao’s words gain a heightened sense of urgency with each passing day… the nation may well be in total ruin if this sham presidency runs its full course…

  35. I really wonder why we have these kinds of Presidents in our country, from Marcos to Ramos, Erap, Arroyo and again this Abnoy. Is there someone who can lead this country well? Pls. open your eyes this coming election.. select the right person this time.

  36. Vicente Penetrante on

    “Walang iwanan” is only between PNoy and Purisima. Purisima can invoke ‘executive privilege’ but afraid to condole with the widows and orphans of his dead soldiers.

  37. Unlike you i dont care how courteous they are when speaking. I prefer frank speaking then you know exactly what is what. I dont like mixed words or messages i want to hear from them exactly what they mean without any ambiguity. If it upsets some people, well thats tough get over it, its a harsh world.
    Now i agree with him that napenas was completely at fault, how on earth did he ever become top dog as his level of incompetence is mind boggleing. Is he alone to blame, no of course he isnt, purisima is equally to blame. Between them they cost 44 brave innocent soldiers their lives. Now someone should be held accountable & the 2 that stand out are napenas & purisima. Both of them should face a court & both should be instantly sacked from their jobs & lose all entitlements & benefits. Its so clear to see why that should hapen & if you cant see it you need to read what happened & understand it. There is a chain of command & those at the top need to take full responsibility.
    Now does pnoy hold any blame in this, yes he does, he knew on the day of the operation that purisima was still in charge as it was him he was texting. Why wasnt he texting espina who was the new man in charge, well obviously because he knew it was purisima in charge & so he needs to be held accountable for that & there is no excuse from any of them, they are all to blame.

    • Why was Purisina in charge when he was supposed to have been suspended by te Office of the Ombudsman for six months beginning December 2014? The CULPABILITY of President B.S. Aquino III is putting a suspended PNO Chief in charge of Operation Exodus that involved almost 400 SAF commandos (394 to be EXACT!)

  38. Carl Cid Inting on

    The president is loveless because he is so full of spite. He is gutless because he does not accept responsibility and accountability. He is heartless because he does not feel empathy for subordinates and throws them under a bus. He is shameless because he brazens it out even when it is very clesr he is wrong. And he is brainless because he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

  39. Aquino, who is an atheist, brought together people from different religious groups (no Muslims or Catholics) to be on TV for his speech. He then tore into the one he has designed as the scape goat for the killings. Everything staged and everything presented dishonestly.

    What he did not mention was the MILF and other armed gangs killing 44 policemen who were doing their lawful duty. Nor did he mention he was in the center of the tragedy. He knew everything going on during the planning, the execution and the aftermath of the half (1 of 2 terrorists removed) successful operation.

  40. He knew there was going to be an operation at 230 am, hindi lang sya tulog hanggang 7am, nakapatay pa yung cellphone nya?!

    • this is the first time i heard that the president of this country turns off his cellphone when he goes to sleep. wow ha, emergencies be dammed basta tulog pa sya.

  41. victor m. hernandez on

    Na-praning na yata. Di nya na ma-take ang mga pangyayari sa Mamasapano. Ba’t siya nagsasalita nang ganyan.Di ba meron inquiry ang Board of Inquiry. Ang sabi naman ni Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, the BOI will come out with a report that is acceptable to all. How can a bad thing or unfortunate incident be acceptable to all?

    Akala natin inquiry and fact finding sa masamang nangyari. Hindi naman puedeng ang nagyari ay acceptable to all. Kung ganun din lang, eh moro-moro lang na naman ang inquiry and fact finding ng BOI. Wala na talagang patutunguhan mabuti ang usaping ito.

  42. Jose A. Oliveros on

    The answer to the title of this column is this Latin maxim oft-quoted in the law on evidence: RES IPSA LOQUITUR (The thing speaks for itself).

  43. concerned citizen on

    You’re right, Mr. Tiglao. Aquino must really have gone made. Here’s what he said about his critics in the “prayer meeting” in Malacanang last Monday, according to a news report:

    “Sila ang tawagin na lang po nating KSP: mga kulang sa pansin, mga ‘kulang sa pag-iisip ng maayos,’ na naghahanap lamang ng mali, nguni’t wala namang nailalatag na risonable at alternatibong solusyon” … Mayroon ding mga kulang sa pagkalinga sa kapwa, na nais lamang magkaroon ng kaguluhan kung saan sila mas makikinabang. Siyempre, ang mga kulang sa pananampalataya, o ang mga ayaw kilalaning nariyan ang Panginoong handang umalalay at gumabay sa atin upang malampasan ang bawat suliranin.”

    When I was reading this (what Aquino purportedly said in the “prayer meeting”), I thought he was talking about himself and not his critics….

  44. Johnny Ramos on

    It was on the prayer meeting that Pnoy admitted that he was directly talking to General Purisma and to General Napenas. On January 9, 2015 meeting General Purisima was already suspended and taking official instruction from Pnoy which is illigal. I still doubt the combat position of the blocking force of SAF on that fatal day. How come there were no troops on the other side of river which nearer the highway to provide logistical support in case of a firefight? River banks are the lowest point in every geographical areas and not a good cover. Is it a real blocking force or a mere escort?

  45. Leodegardo Pruna on

    I , for one among the very many, pity Gen. Napenas. He is losing everything he has planted and earned but more importantly his NAME for a leader who cannot stand on himself but on others like Purisima, A Bad man, etc. who are the brains of whatever he does because of his state. Gen. Napenas doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment unless of course he is promised heaven on earth to be the fall guy. On the other hand, P-Noy is not only digging his grave deeper, the people around him is helping him in fast digging his political grave. For all indications, there is no longer anything to dig farther as there is nothing more to dig. God bless the Philippines.

  46. BS Aquino is from the beginning a mad and Bshit!!! man. You cannot expect good from him. What he did is more than evil. He preferred to show to the world on the evilness on his mind by castigating Napenas in a prayer meeting than to say sorry or pray for the soul of the Fallen 44. This evil in the Malacanang is making havoc to the Philippine nation. Please remember of the disasters happened on our nation at the time his mother was our President from the time this evil begin as our President. Do you remember the 7 times coup d etat, earthquake in Baguio, Typhoon Pablo in Misamis Oriental, Earthquake in Bohol, Typhoon Yolanda in Leyte and now the Fallen 44 incidents. These are only few disasters being mentioned here at the time the Aquino is in the Malacanang…God forgive us our President if he is mad and not thinking well. Pray for his soul….

  47. P, Akialamiro on

    Why are public officials prone to publicize prayers or even masses being done. Is it not that prayers are meant to be said in the most private and secluded places for the purpose? Unless, the Malacanang prayers were for forgiveness or for guidance, they were just displays of hypocrisy or, pretense of virtue and piety. Onli in da Pilipins!

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      It may be noted that the one who led and administered the prayer is more of a politician having run several times and lost. This time, it would be the son who would be running for the senate. As one said “Where is our country going?” As the writer of this article commented, this is plain hypocrisy. A show and not a fervent act. God bless the Philippines.

  48. Dati lahat ng sabihin ng pang-ulo naniniwala ako pero ngayon para bang sa 20 sinabi ng pang-ulo na si pinoy 21 mali. Sayang pinoy tinimbang ka munit kulang. Nakakatulog pa kaya ang pang-ulo pinoy ng maayas di kaya siya binabagabag ng kanyang konsinsiya kung meron siya?

    • apolonio reyes on

      Pogipoint, magtataka ka pa ba? Hindi ka kasi nagbabasa ng dyaryo o nakikinig sa radio ng na interview yuon yaya ni Pnoy at sinabi nya ” lahat ng kapatid ni Noynoy na babae ay naka bihis na at nasa loob ng kotse at hinihintay pa si Noynoy na hindi pa naka hilamos “. Ngayon pogipoint nagtataka ka pa ba kung bakit meron ganito kalaking ” Oplan Exodus ” ay tulog pa si Pnoy at 7 am lang nya nabuksan yuon cellphone nya at nabasa ang txt ng BFF na si SUSPENDED PNP CHIEF PURISIMA? COMMON Pogipoint, WAKE-UP?

  49. …yup, he is beginning to “lose his marvels one by one!” to the detriment of the whole country.

  50. Early on, he said it was Purisima who had lied to him. Now he says it’s Napenas who fooled him. Who will he blame next — Gloria? That she also texted from her hospital bed to mislead him?

    He should point to the real culprit — the voice inside his head that he hears all the time. This is what made him do what he did.

  51. The action of Purimisima “advising” Napenas not to inform Roxas, Gazmin and Catapang about the operation is a classic Filipino behavior.

    Purisimima having been suspended by the Ombudsman does not want Roxas, Gazmin and Catapang to know that the President is still dealing with him despite the suspension but at the same time to impress upon Napenas that he (Purisima) still wields authority despite his suspension.

  52. A president that has lost his mind and his incompetence makes him the perfect dummy commander in chief/ president.Every opportunistic and corrupt individual and groups will thrive under his rule.Even the MILF sure knows how to take advantage of this window of opportunity.Pair that with a forgiving nation like the Philippines easily charmed by innocent looks and fancy catch phrases like “matuwid na daan” will make for a perfect place to willfully take advantage of their powers to commit all kinds of corruption.

  53. Are you kidding? Oh my lord, from day one I thought he was slightly off kilter. His handling of the Luneta Hostage massacres should have given you (and everyone in the media) more than enough clues there’s something wrong with the boy.

    But in fairness, I’ve been reading your articles now and then, and I enjoyed reading them. Not so much for the style but the meat in your articles. Thank you.

  54. dennis dungao on

    secretary .. i had always respected you. but i think this is the lowest point of hypocrisy. u had been a cabinet member. what wud u do if u be in those shoes. it’s a foul word to say the president had gone mad. he was just being that.. a politician.. and a bad role he was acting..

  55. Not once not twice that this president has fooled us but many times shame on you mr president!

  56. For PNoy, it’s all condemnation for Napenas and nothing of the kind for himself, Purisima, most of all the killers! No word at all about the crime of the killers!

  57. I am sure he has gone mad. If he only had a slight case of “tama” when he started as president, he now has a full blown case of delusions of grandeur and persecution. Puede na ninyo siyang ibartolina, straight to the mental hospital, in a straightjacket preferably, because he will be capable of harming and injuring others. If he will simply harm himself, merese. I cannot, summon charity from the deepest part of my being to worry about him getting harmed by himself!. Benigno needs to do time, if not in a real jail then a mental hospital.

  58. The President has just admitted in national television his egregious blunders in decision making and his lies. His pronouncements clearly show that he was aware of every detail of the operation before during and after it was carried out. He purposely avoided mentioning the role of Purisima and the extent of his role in the implementation of Operation Exodus. All the more he is burying himself deeper in the quicksand. No matter how desperately tries to hide the truth nothing that is hidden in darkness cannot be brought to light as the bible said. Instead of giving the nation a credible report he is again trying to deceive us this time by eliciting sympathy that he was a victim of deception by the person he trusted, Napenas. The spineless unprincipled Napenas was just to willing to swallow and regurgitate every garbage fed to him just to assuage the restiveness of the Filipino people. It is time for Pinoy and his inept cabinet to realize that they cannot fool us not matter what they do. Let us demand for his immediate resignation and his entire cabinet.

  59. The President has just admitted in national television his egregious blunders in decision making and his lies that he was aware of every detail of the operation before during and after it was carried out. He purposely avoided mentioning the role of Purisima and the extent of his role in the implementation of Operation Exodus. All the more he is burying himself deeper in the quicksand. No matter how desperately tries to hide the truth nothing that is hidden in darkness cannot be brought to light as the bible said. Instead of giving the nation a credible report he is again trying to deceive us this time by eliciting sympathy that he was a victim of deception by the person he trusted, Napenas. The spineless unprincipled Napenas was just to willing to swallow and regurgitate every garbage fed to him just to assuage the restiveness of the Filipino people. It is time for Pinoy and his inept cabinet to realize that they cannot fool us not matter what they do. Let us demand for his immediate resignation and his entire cabinet.