Aquino told to stop pressing lawmakers to railroad BBL

Haste makes waste


MANILA Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo on Tuesday called on President Benigno Aquino 3rd not to pressure lawmakers into approving the controversial Bangasamoro Basic Law (BBL) in haste so as not to further complicate the issue.

At the same time, Pabillo also called on the legislators to speak out their minds and not allow themselves to be used or dictated upon by Malacanang.

“We need a law to achieve peace but it should be effective and acceptable to all and not something that will just create more problems in the future,” the chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) Public Affairs Committee said.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who heads the Senate local government committee deliberating on the draft BBL, also asked Malacañang not to impose “political deadlines” for passage of the bill.

Reacting to the call, Malacañang, also on Tuesday, denied claims that the Aquino administration was railroading the passage of the draft BBL.

In a text message to reporters, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said that both the Senate and the House of Representatives had been deliberating on the controversial measure for months now.

“The draft BBL was submitted to Congress in the third quarter of 2014 … isn’t this clear that the issue has long been being discussed in public?” he asked in Filipino.

Pabillo said a deeper study and analysis of the proposed law is necessary because the BBL will not only affect Mindanao but the entire country as well.

Congress has given itself until June to pass the draft law.

The BBL’s enactment into law would pave the way for the establishment of a Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in place of the existing Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or ARMM.

Pabillo pointed out that rushing the BBL to meet the June deadline would not result in peace, but only complicate matters.

He said all stakeholders must be given the chance to voice out their opinions.
“Many people in Mindanao don’t even know what the implications of BBL would be to them,” Pabillo added.

Earlier, Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary, CBCP Permanent Committee on Public Affairs, expressed belief that enactment into law of the BBL and subsequent creation of a Bangsamoro Autonomous Region would only create more troubles, not peac, as envisioned by its framers.

“The worse that can happen is to make Mindanao a haven of revolutionary Muslim groups, both local and international, that harbor the aspiration of establishing a Muslm caliphate through terroristic activities or Islamic revolution,” Secillano said.

“These [rebel]groups operate through a network. The ties that bind them are soaked in blood. They may employ different means or strategies but surely they are motivated by the same goal, that of self-determination and eventually independence,” he pointed out.

Secillano criticized a provision in the draft BBL, which states that “the Bangsamoro Government shall have the primary responsibility over public order and safety, leaving the Central Government with its Armed Forces and National Police safeguarding only the region’s external security.”

The BBL also requires the central government to “coordinate and cooperate” with the Bangsamoro government before arresting dubious characters in the region.

Secillano raised doubts about this provision, noting that the arrest of wanted criminals can hardly be done even with “coordination and cooperation” between both parties.

“The government is seemingly held hostage to deliver without any substantial changes and in toto the draft BBL…Peace, under [this proposed law], would seem to be a mere consequence of power, financial stability and the ‘autonomous’ government granted to the Bangsamoro under most probably the MILF [Moro Islamic Liberation Front],” he said.

“After reading the draft, though, I got the impression that the Bangsamoro’s right to self-rule seems to be favored, with the Central Government maybe consciously and slowly allowing the island of Mindanao to slip from its grip,” Secillano noted.


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  1. Only the terrorist MILF will benefit on the BBL and their Malaysian patron.Abolish autonomous region root of corruptions and problems,only one authority.Remember P-NOY abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos to favor his friend the terrorist MILF,let us not forget the Fallen 44 and also the Army special forces that was massacred by the terrorist MILF and President B.S.Aquino wants to give them the BBL.

  2. Rudy Liporada on

    My only question is how can the BBL be truly functional when it is being pushed by a dysfunctional government?

  3. chthonic monster on

    he’s not only pressuring the lawmakers but bribing and blackmailing them as well! because without “suhol” ay sino naman ang maniniwala at makinig sa kanya?

  4. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Thank God for the CBCP., Bishop Pabillo and Fr. Secillano. It seems that only patriotic voices left in the Philippines are those of people affiliated with the Church, like the bishops and priests who don’t think the same way as Fr. Tabora and Cardinal Tagle.

  5. P.Akialamiro on

    The immediate approval of the BBL is a “saving face” for Pres. B.S. Aquino. He must have given his complete concession even before the proposed BBL was put in writing and finalized. What a move in favor of Malaysia, because of his false ambition to attain the Nobel Peace Prize, at the expense of the Filipino people.

  6. The CBCP is typical of Pilipinas —- the group can not find a single voice kaniya-kaniya na lang. For YES goes Joel Tabora with “boodle-boodle pass BBL” and Tagle says “… I don’t know, just do what PresiNoynoy says!” while for NO-TO-BABALA includes Padre J Secillano who warns that passing BaBALA and subsequent creation of a Bangsamoro Autonomous Region would NOT bring peace and only create more troubles and MANILA Bishop B Pabillo says President Benigno Aquino is WRONG TO RAILROAD baBALA with PDAF or other incentives.
    Jaffar is more direct when Jaffar reminds Congress-PHilippines with renewed war.

  7. It;s so sad that Congressmen from Luzon and Visayas did not join the Ad Hoc Committee in the BBL. The autonomous region of Mindanao (MILF) would affect everyone in this island republic no matter what if the BBL is passed as it is.

    The only people in the Ad Hoc Committee are dominated by Muslims and die hard Liberal Party politicians. No matter what good the suggestion is for the benefit of our Muslim brothers, the “group” voting in favor of the BBL always wins out of sheer numbers.

    I was just thinking, if the Muslim Congressmen of MILF are adamant to cooperate for their own good, why should the National Government subsidize the MILF with our tax money.