Hasty passage of BBL bill sure to create curses worse than Mamasapano


THE hasty passage, as President BS Aquino wishes, of the Bangsamoro Basic Law bill in its present form will produce more crises and tragedies worse than the Mamasapano massacre.  That disaster happened because PNoy relied on his old and trusted friend, then suspended national police chief Alan Purisima to serve as his alter ego in carrying out the commando mission. And he (PNoy) ordered military units that wanted to save the lives of our  44 PNP-SAF commandos to stand down.

He took the “negative, negative” decision because he was afraid letting our soldiers do the right and honorable thing would wreck his precious peace process with the MILF.

Now, he is again precipitately moving to get the BBL bill passed. It will demolish the constitutionally created Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and frustrate the aspirations of Muslim Filipinos who were working to perfect their autonomous region. It will give the leaders of the rebel separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front a brand new region or substate.  The Bangsamoro Basic Law bill as it is now gives the MILF leaders control of the proposed Bangsamoro autonomous region. More than that it also gives the MILF leadership an unconstitutional parliamentary and ministerial sub-state that can easily integrate with Malaysia. When it does, the proposed Bangsamoro substate will not be the first territory of the Philippines to be swallowed up by Malaysia.  The first to be illegally taken away from the Filipinos is Sabah (North Borneo).  This territory belongs to the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo–and the Philippines.

BS Aquino’s Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) has been so efficient and effective in the propaganda to make people believe that passage of the BBL bill will truly make Mindanao the region of peace that it should be.  Mindanao was in fact the and of peace and promise– before the Malaysian supported separatist rebels mounted their rebellion.  The truth is that only those parts of Mindanao where the MILF and their friends the BIFF and the other gangs of armed bandits (including even some members of the Abu Sayaff Group) operate break out into wars, vengeance killings and other kinds of violence.  Most of Mindanao’s provinces are just as peaceful and by and large as prosperous as the rest of our country.

OPAPP propaganda has also made most Filipinos and even foreigners think that nearly ALL the people of Mindanao–Muslims and Christian alike–want the BBL bill passed so that the ARMM is dissolved and the MILF can rule over a new Bangsamoro substate.  This has been proved to be a gigantic lie during the hearings of Senator Marcos’ committee in Sulu and Zamboanga.

More than half of the inclusive members of the community who participated in the hearings in Jolo were opposed to the BBL bill as it is written.

The various objections aired in Jolo were summarized to The Times by former governor of Tawi-Tawi province, Almarim Centi Tillah, president of the Parhimpunan Sin Islam (Philippine Islamic Society), who is also the Wazir (political officer) of the Sultanate of Suku and North Borneo.

He told the hearing that the Tausugs, who are the overwhelming majority of the people of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, parts of Zamboanga and Basilan, and other Muslim Filipinos who are not Maguindanaos or Maranaos (who make up the vast majority of the MILF) cannot possibly accept the arrangement designed by the MILF and now being pushed by President Aquino.

He said the MILF people’s only similarity with the Tausugs is their common religion. But their languages, customs and traditions and upbringing are very different.

The Tausugs deplore the crafting of the BBL bill by Malaysians and the MILF without regard to what the Tausugs and other island Filipino Muslims feel and want.  They want negotiations between the Philippine government and the Filipino Muslims and the people of Mindanao to be inclusive–so that even Christians and indigenous peoples, the Lumads, could give inputs.

He gave Senator Marcos the proposal he brought up a decade ago for two federal autonomous regions to be created–after, of course, the necessary amendments to the Philippine Constitution. One autonomouos region will consist of the landlocked provinces of Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur. The other will be made up of the island-provinces of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan.   This proposal is favored by the people of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo, and Chairman Misuari of the MNLF.

Senator Marcos is reported to have said,  “There is really no substitute for talking to the locals.   The glaring issue that came to the fore in two-day hearings is that of  ‘inclusivity.’”

Marcos is reported to have noted that in Jolo many resource persons spent a lot of time decrying the fact that they were left out in the process “because they are MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front), because they are Tausugs, and they belong to the Sultanate of Sulu.”

Not only will a new dispensation in Mindanao, with MILF leaders lording it over the other Filipino Muslims, cause Tausugs and Lumads to rise against MILF Maranaos and Maguindanaos.  Christians, too, will react — maybe violently.

Congress must not pass the BBL bill in its present form.


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  1. eltee mulawin on

    >>> After the election and the exit of Abnoy, GOOD BYE PHILIPPINES !!! BAYAN BAHALA na LANG !!!

  2. Ric gonzales on

    Aquino is weak. He won’t fight the Chinese. He won’t fight the muslim rebels. He is a coward

  3. Alejo Rosete on

    I totally agree to Emilio’s comments.
    That is also my comments/position

  4. just as I wrote before and again. the government is better off just improving the already existing ARMM, yes it failed but its not the end of the world. Just learn from its failures and improve the ARMM. BBL is suspicious, it cannot be trusted because they want more like their own police forces, etc. their conditions and demands makes it more harder to control while the ARMM is less demanding and is already in placed. Besides, we also have to be suspicious with Malaysia participation. I say scrap the BBL for the reason they massacred our 44 commandos is enough good reason to drop it permanently and just continue ARMM. If MILF wants war so be it lets reduce their numbers and population as they wish.

    • exactly! this is the only government that dealt with terrorists.
      talk behind microphones, not behind gun barrels.

  5. disgusted constituent on

    akala ko ba failed experiment ang armm na dapat palitan. ha ha subukan nyo i audit ang armm ngayon, i mean true and real audit, makikita nyo ang totoo

  6. Two autonomous regions are more practical and less controversial since no one will be put
    under authority of the other muslim group.

    • when you think about it, “autonomous” ring with the intention of greed and selfishness. if you can’t live with the rest of the country, under one law and one flag,… leave!

      why should a small percentage of the population dictate to the whole country?

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    “You are my bosses,” President Aquino said before. Now, “as father of the nation,” his will must be obeyed. Next year, only what he did to his predecessor can be done to him. He needs the next president to be an ally and a friend.

  8. Odnalor Obirt on

    BBL is not just booting the face of all Peace Loving Filipino People. It is also a big kick in the head of Intelligent Filipinos with the creation of Peace Council whose members declare that BBL is Constitutional. Another slap in the face of all Filipinos was by Pnoy himself when he appointed Sheriff Abas as one of the Comelec Commissioner. In my own analysis, Benigno Aquino III is already an Islam convert. That is the reason why he is doing everything in his power to pass BBL and protect the interest of MILF.

  9. E. G. Festin on

    The opinions of the Tausugs, in whose ethnic community the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah belongs, in which hairman Emeritus Misuari and most of the MNLF belong, were not sought. The only MNLF members the OPAPP people consulted are those who are n their side–like Alonto whose is not a Tausug. That alones show how crooked this project is and violates the idea of Tuwid na Daan. Talagang Tuwad na Daan ang tinatahak ng mga Aquino at Yellow Army Aqunistas na traidor sa Inang Bayang Filipinas.

  10. The whole process has been flawed. We negotiated with an armed gang who represents less than 1% of the affected area. We left out everyone else from the area. The government used negotiators without AFP members. We appointed people who only wanted peace at all costs. Naturally the product of this was agreements that favored the MILF over the Nation. Just junk the BBL and start over with talks with the people to see what needs to be done with the ARMM, already a law.

  11. The BBL will only encourage CORRUPTION because of the alleged big MONEY that it will receive from the government. I don’t believe that the money will be use to help the poor people in Mindanao, as usual these money will only be divided among it’s LEADERS.

  12. ang remedyo lang sa nagkakagulong mga rehiyon natin ay open up natin ang pagbabago o amyendahan ang ating konstitusyon!…hindi mamawala ang mga agam-agam kung parati na lang mga taong namumuno elista sa gobyerno ang masusunod. Kung gusto nilang baguhin ang konstitusyon thru BBL passage nito ay dapat lahatan ng baguhin o amyendahan ito. Kung papalitan nila ng BBL ang ARMM ang ibig sabihin ay aamyendahan ang konstitusyon. Bakit iopen na lang sa publiko ang pagbabago o amyendahang ang batas nito. Hindi lamang mindanao ang may problema sa rehiyon. Sa equal representation na lang ng mga senador ay may problema na, sa BBL pa kaya?

  13. BBL – ‘A MILF boot stamping on the face of filipinos’

    “Political language… is designed to
    make lies sound truthful and murder
    respectable, and to give an appearance
    of solidity to pure wind”
    George Orwell

    BBL, in its current guise, is an act of treachery, undertaken with dubious motives, pursued through deceit and duplicity, and dismissive of national interests, regional implications, valid concerns, and public opinion.

    The process itself has been a betrayal of trust and honor, and the indecent haste to steamroller it through congress not only smacks of autocracy, but is reflective of an unhealthy system, weak institutions, no genuine balance, or separation, of powers, and politicians incapable of integrity, independence, or intellectual debate. A cowardly and shameful display by all involved, especially congressmen who are just waiting for a payday from malacanang.

    Beyond the complexities of legal phraseology, and the natural desire of lawyers to be obtuse, politicians are using obfuscation to mislead and misinform, and negotiators applying ambiguity to hoodwink.

    It will be no use closing the stable door after the trojan horse has bolted.

    The principles and issues are both clear and simple.

    BBL – K.I.S.S.’

    Structure – manipulated dictatorship/datuship. Sham democracy. Feudal. Party Lists will be a pandoras box for a power grab. Nepotism already evident in Comelec appointment.

    Systems – veil of secrecy – no transparency or accountability. No checks and balances.
    A thieves charter and a financial black hole.
    (Islamic Accounting, and creative auditing, will be the norm). COA already finding lawmaker scams and unaccounted funds.
    (? Application of FoI, if ever passed)

    Strategy – divide and conquer. Isolate and insulate. Expand and secede. An island within an island. Muslim Mindanao. MILF as a national political party!!

    Social – impoverishment and exclusion. Status driven. A 2 tier society – MILF and ‘others’, Islam and infidels.

    Security – guns, goons, gangs, and gold. Private armies with public money.

    Sovereignty – not in the national interest. Unconstitutional in a number of respects. Bye bye Sabah.

    Stakeholders – Malaysia – economic and political control. A ‘closed shop’, but an open door for smuggling.
    MILF – does not represent nor reflect Bangsamoro. Why only MILF involved!!
    MNLF – one of many factions with divergent views – even amongst itself!
    ISIS – the elephant in the room.
    Indigineous People/Lumads – a silenced voice
    The Filipino People – only 21% of filipinos actively support the BBL
    US – arms length neo-colonialism. Mcdonalds for muslims. “US says Mindanao has $1-trillion untapped mineral resources”.(wikileaks). Show US the money!
    Women – greater gender equality and higher level participation needed.

    Stability – when money comes in the door, the guns will come through the window.

    Societal values – Islamic state and Sharia law. A climate of fear and oppression.

    Subsidies – MILF have been guaranteed the winning ticket to the annual lottery jackpot. A goldmine.
    Focus on wealth sharing, but not an economic vision/plan. A free for all!

    Schooling – propaganda and brainwashing for all. ‘Mindthink’, and the ‘thought police’

    Subterfuge – a training ground for subversives. A recipe for splinter groups and conflicts. No guns decommissioned. No justice for Mamasapano. No show of sincerity. MILF not to be trusted.

    Secrets – the die was cast in a clandestine deal in Tokyo between Aquino and Murad. A sinister game.

    Self-interest – when the narcissism of legacy meets the ambition of terrorism, then a devils pact ensues. Bad intent equals bad outcome.

    Senate – Senators have largely, and consciously, avoided being part of the debate, and once again proved to be an irrelevance in national issues, and intellectual pygmies. The only language senators hear is when money talks. Cowardly as well as corrupt.

    Segregation – anything which facilitates exclusivity, or exclusion, based upon religion, ethnicity, or simply strength of arms, is retrogressive and reprehensible.

    Secession – the ultimate goal: an Islamic state. BBL is another brick in building an islamic ‘Berlin wall’

    Submission – MILF have always been in the driving seat, (with Malaysia as the back seat driver), and their recent vitriol and threats have exposed their true nature. They do not want to negotiate, but for the country to capitulate. Pnoy Aquino has been an easy stooge, and a willing partner in crime.

    “Men rise from one ambition to another:
    first, they seek to secure themselves
    against attack, and then they attack
    Niccolo Machiavelli

    BBL is not about peace, but about power.
    BBL in not for the benefit of the majority, but an opportunity for a minority.
    BBL is a trojan horse, and hides a venomous sting inside its carefully crafted, and consciously ambiguous, clauses.
    BBL has been designed to confuse, not clarify.
    BBL is a springboard to strife, not a platform for prosperity.
    BBL represents a crooked path which will end in a bloody cul-de-sac.

    A weak BBL will only result in a weak peace.
    A bad BBL will only necessitate endless legal ping-pong.

    A strong peace takes creativity and courage in leadership and negotiation, competence and commitment in implementation, concensus and collaboration in operation, and control and communication in oversight.

    Diversity and Inclusion is the fundamental socio-economic principle to future progress and prosperity, and should be the core pillar, underpinned by equality and empowerment.
    BBL, in both process and proposals, is far removed from such goals.

    Palace propaganda and ‘peace councils’ epitomise a flawed process, and comprise of dishonest brokers who are acting like snake-oil salesmen.
    Pnoy Aquino has once again demonstrated a complete lack of integrity and honor, and like BBL itself, is not fit for purpose. History has shown that treason runs in the Aquino family, that hypocricy is Pnoy Aquino’s tool in trade, and that he only wants to represents vested interests, not the filipino nation.
    A leader who divides is a leader who fails the country. A leader who lies is a leader who shames the country.

    “Power is not a means, it is an end. One
    does not establish a dictatorship in
    order to safeguard a revolution; one
    makes the revolution in order to
    establish the dictatorship”.
    George Orwell

  14. P.Akialamiro on

    The proposed BBL, among the negatives as indicated, is ‘shortsighted’. If the MILF finds discontent in the future, don’t you think they will not seek the sympathy and support of Malaysia? Will it be impossible for the MILF to think of seeking separation from the country? Considering the ties among muslim brothers, won’t they prefer to be identified with Malaysia rather than the Christian Philippines?

    Better to be wary than be sorry later on!

  15. This Treacherous BBL is just the beginning of Muslims/Christians Tribals Wars in the whole Mindanao. Pnoy won’t care anymore and passed the problem to the next administration same with what happened to the SAF 44 abandoning his SAF 44 being massacred by his BFF MILF.