Haters of truth and free press love to hack us


ONCE more, haters of truth, people who despise the free and open press, have attacked The Manila Times.

Since the night of August 1, hackers have blitzed our online edition. They have been able to replace some of our content with strange symbols and Chinese characters. The hacking suddenly stops and allows our faithful readers to read some of our news stories, columns and articles in peace. Then suddenly the hacking resumes.

We experienced this first last year. That was when, unlike some other Philippine newspapers, we not only reported the incursion of armed and heavier Chinese vessels in our seas and drove away Filipino fishermen from our reefs and islets in the West Philippine Sea but also published strong editorials critical of the People’s Republic of China and its authorities for allowing or maybe even ordering these incursions.

We again experienced being hacked whenever our front page banner stories exposed anomalies perpetrated by crooks in government offices and our columnists pointed out that the President’s vaunted zeal in making his administration tread the “daang matuwid (straight path)” is not shared by his officials (some of whom are known to be his close friends).

Up to this writing, some of our online readers are still experiencing the tyranny of hackers who block free expression and honest reporting to protect their criminal bosses from exposure and public scrutiny.

Hackers are persons who do not respect the dignity of their fellow human beings. For hackers violate the human dignity — and in fact the human rights — of readers deprived of the freedom to read what they wish to read. Hackers also violate the right of the writers of the hacked news stories and columns to express themselves. And it is an act of a despotic hoodlum to hack the contents of a newspaper and prevent the public from reading it.

We can only apologize to our online readers and assure them that we are doing our best to combat these Hitler-minded hackers.

We also take this opportunity to assure our readers in the Philippines and everywhere in the world that hackers—who no doubt are doing their evil deed in the service of ideological, political and financial masters—will never succeed in cowing us in The Manila Times into silence about the activities of the enemies of moral governance and management in both the public and private sectors.


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