Hazard Lights Are Not For Driving in the Rain



Now that the rainy season is here, the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) is reminding motorists to refrain from using their hazard lights when driving in the rain, as those lights are not meant for that purpose.

Hazard lights are a means to communicate to other drivers that your vehicle has a problem. Use them when parked at the side of the road because your vehicle broke down or was involved in an accident and cannot be moved immediately.

Use them as well when your vehicle is limping along for whatever reason. You want to communicate to other drivers to be careful when they pass your vehicle. Obviously, on those occasions, you have to drive at the rightmost lane in order to cause a minimum obstruction to other vehicles and to stop at the first opportunity for safe parking.

Flasher20150804Switching on hazard lights while driving in the rain sends the wrong signal to other drivers on the road. And it would also make your turning signal lights ineffective. So if you need to change lanes or turn left or right, you’ll have no way of warning the drivers of the other vehicles.

Using hazard lights when it rains is like the boy who cried wolf. You are getting attention you do not need.

Instead of using hazard lights when driving in the rain, drivers should turn on their headlights. This is the correct way to inform other drivers that you are present and driving within their periphery.

If a heavy downpour causes zero visibility on the road, you should pull over to a safe area, using your turn signal light as you maneuver to the side.


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