Head of a 9-year-old found


HAGONOY, Bulacan: The head of a missing 9-year old child from this municipality was found in a river on Sunday, a day after his body was recovered floating in the same river in Barangay Mercado. Police identified the victim as Arnel Escobar, a grade 2 pupil from Mercado, Hagonoy. The incident, which was found to be a case of beheading, has shocked residents of this coastal village. Police Supt. Angel Bondoc, Hagonoy Chief of Police, said they have ruled out the possibility the child was hit by a boat propeller after they found a witness who identified a suspect. Bondoc, who leads the investigation, said the suspect was identified as Ernesto Santos, a 50-year old fisherman from San Nicholas, Hagonoy, who was arrested on Saturday and currently detained at the Hagonoy Municipal Police Station for further investigation.


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  1. For further investigation? If my understanding of law is correct, if they can not file a complaint within eight hours, they should release the guy. Otherwise, that will be tantamount to kidnapping or illegal detention.