Health pros share skills for better patient care


A common venue for healthcare professionals and practitioners to access and share knowledge and technologies in advancing the health of patients, LifeScience Institute offers trainings on effective treatment, prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, and health optimization, which are founded on the principle and practice of Functional Medicine.

Health Education specialist Marika Coloma, medical manager Annie Tenorio, senior medical consultant and health optimisation practitioner Rolando Balburias and internist Denise Marie Herrera-Lavilles

It believes that the advancement of knowledge in the functional medical practice is equal to the advancement of patient’s health. This unique, innovative approach allows healthcare practitioners to spend time with their patients – listening to their histories, mapping their personal timeline and looking at their genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.

Trainings are facilitated by the AFMCP-certified Functional Medicine Practitioners of LifeScience, led by Rolando Balburias, M.D.


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