Healthway Medical celebrates National Wellness Day with PMAP


HEALTHWAY Medical joined the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) for National Wellness Day on June 30, celebrated this year with the theme “Creating a Culture of Wellness.”

PMAP members flocked to the organization’s building in San Juan City for an afternoon forum on various aspects of wellness that included topics on Thyroid Awareness, Functional Medicine and Bio-Energy Stress Therapy.

Healthway Vice President for Sales and Marketing Carmie De Leon gave a lecture on the Sleep-Eat(Right)-Exercise-Destress (SEED) Lifestyle, which the company is advocating. The SEED Lifestyle counters the effects of what Healthway identifies Self-Inflicted Diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer. These Self-Inflicted Diseases are largely due to unhealthy practices and stress. The company shared that a recent CNN Philippines report pointed to job- or studies-related concerns, traffic, finances and personal relationships as leading causes of stress.

The SEED Lifestyle advocates:


Schedule time for sleep of between 7 to 9 hours; Limit the use of gadgets before sleep; and Set up an atmosphere conducive to sleep

Eat Right

More of vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grain and organic foods; and Less of chips, sodas, sweets, processed foods; and fatty and oily foods


Get active 30 minutes a day to reap its health and disease-fighting benefits; an hour a day, to lose weight and keep it off.

Stretch and move at work – don’t just sit still.


Relax your body and mind by praying or meditating, drinking green tea, identifying and enjoying a relaxation space, getting a massage, or simply taking a hot bath; and Eat right and exercise.

According to De Leon, who also sits as a Trustee of PMAP, National Wellness Day has been observed by the industry organization for five years now, and is an initiative to address a growing awareness of the need for wellness in the workplace, with the aim of institutionalizing it.

She also said that Healthway Medical network of clinics has itself noticed an increase in instances of lifestyle-related diseases, among its clients.

Apart from the forum, PMAP is also compiling two-minute videos of how each member company promotes wellness in the workplace, to be shared with others.

Through the National Wellness Day program, PMAP hopes to inspire people to instill health and well-being as a way of life.

For more information about Wellness, call Customer Care Hotline (02) 751 4929 or visit the Healthway Medical website at

About Healthway Medical

As the most trusted and preferred network of mall-based clinics in the Philippines, Healthway Medical has revolutionized the way healthcare is being provided to its patients for nearly two decades. The company offers unparalleled customer-centric experience on top of optimum primary and multidisciplinary care from its reputable and experienced doctors, allowing its seven clinics at the Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza, Market! Market!, Festival Mall, 8 Adriatico, SM The Block and Greenbelt 5 to earn a remarkable standing in the country in terms of preventive healthcare.


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