Healthy tips from a supermodel

Supermodel Rachel Hunter has advice on looking your best

Supermodel Rachel Hunter has advice on looking your best

AS one of the world’s most-photographed supermodels, Rachel Hunter has spent most of her professional life focused on fashion and beauty. She’s graced the covers of Elle, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated’s famous swimsuit issues and many more publications. Now, for her new Ovation TV series—Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty—the New Zealander goes on a quest to discover the secrets of lasting beauty, great health and extraordinary longevity in diverse cultures around the world.

Always on the lookout for new positive and healthy habits, Hunter offers some of the most eye-opening tips and tricks she learned on her “tour of beauty” around the globe below.

Superfoods—“In many of the places I went, I was introduced to so-called ‘superfoods’—that is, foods that are nutrient rich and low calorie. They are also superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients. In Dubai, I learned nigella seeds, or black cumin as most people in the West know it, pack a powerful nutritional punch and are said to be a remedy for ‘everything but death’! In Dubai, I was introduced to the benefits of camel’s milk. It has 10 times the iron of cow’s milk and is surprisingly delicious!”

Anti-aging—“There were so many amazing products all over the world that claimed to have anti-aging properties. Some were just not for me—like drinking a tea made of dried frogs in Korea—and some just plain outrageous—like the $7,000 pure gold facial I had in Dubai. But my two favorite discoveries were dilo nut oil, made from the ‘tree of a thousand virtues’ in Fiji, and argan oil, made from trees only found in Morocco. Both are luxurious oils you can use on your skin and hair for a youthful, glowing complexion and silky hair.”

Inner beauty and long life—“Wherever I went, I found a reoccurring theme: The real key to beauty, health and longevity is in your own head! Whether it was learning to meditate in India or celebrating family and friendships in Greece, China and Brazil, radiant beauty and great health were directly related to inner peace and living a joyful life. And that’s something we can all strive for in the New Year!”

For more of Rachel’s insights on beauty, health and longevity, tune in to Ovation TV for the premiere of “Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty.” Visit for more information.



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