• Heaps of garbage clog Bataan alternate road


    HERMOSA, Bataan: The local public works rushed to repair a portion of MacArthur Highway here after it was rendered not passable on Tuesday as the alternate road to a bridge undergoing repair sagged after heaps of garbage clogged the concrete pipes below it during heavy downpour.

    District Engineer Erlindo Flores of the Department of Public Works and Highways first engineering district said the alternate road was already passable on Wednesday afternoon and the concrete pipes were cleared of wastes.

    Hermosa marshall Michael Villenas said water overflowed on Tuesday flooding that portion of the highway starting at about 9 a.m. on Tuesday prompting the engineers to prevent all types of vehicles from passing in the area.

    The temporary road serves as passage for vehicles bound to Hermosa town proper and Dinalupihan town on one side and Orani town going to Balanga City. The bridge is undergoing repair which engineers said will be finished by November 2017.


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