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    Hosting a reality show is something new for Heart Evangelista, and more so getting immersed in a kind of life that is very unfamiliar to her. But these are exactly what the public will see in her upcoming show on GMA Network titled, Follow Your Heart.

    The show is a big challenge for the multi-talented artist. She, in fact, considers it as “the biggest challenge” in her hosting career because she will have to do everything her celebrity guests are tasked with, be it running, walking, or crawling and wading in murky waters.

    “The show will bring-out, for sure, my being maarte. The viewers will see my arte side. Pero maarte man ako, I am a good person. That’s what I always say. So pati ako, sasabak sa iba’t ibang bagay—most of them, I haven’t done or experienced in my life,” Heart told Showbuzz, beaming with excitement.

    Physically, Heart swears she had no preparations for the show. She felt there was no need to prepare because the concept simply requires her guests and herself to be themselves.

    “That’s why it is called a reality show. What’s important is to be natural, to be sincere and just get involved. Put yourself in the situation—that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m so excited because I’m the type of person who loves adventure,” Heart explained.

    Heart Evangelista tries her hand at a reality program beginning April 23

    The actress-host and now sought after painter had quite a long period of rest from regular TV assignments before she was given Follow Your Heart. But it was also her choice to busy herself with personal matters first like supervising the building of her house in Quezon City.

    “My last project, Juan Happy Love Story, was six months ago, but I didn’t notice it’s already been half a year because I was so focused on being domesticated! I was always at home attending to so many things. But now, I’m so excited because my first project after a while is a reality show, so that people will see and discover another side of me and that of my guests. They will get to know us more in a sincere and natural way.”

    So how is living in the newly-built house that Heart and her husband Senator Chiz Escudero—along with the latter’s children—have moved in?

    “I love it,” Heart sincerely stated. “I love every part of it because each one has its own charm for me. They each have what I call the ‘calming factor.’ My favorite spot is my office because that’s the spot where I have most of the things I need. I have my collections there, and it’s where I’m more inspired to paint.

    “There is also something like a stairway where you can find my paintings—not just mine, actually, but paintings that were given to me by friends. I have there the painting given to me by Regine Velasquez, which is one that I really treasure.”

    Besides arranging and decorating the house, Heart is also trying her hand on other things expected of a home maker.

    “I’m trying to cook!” she laughed. “I believe I have to be good at that as a wife and mother. I also try to bake. I really try everything that I didn’t do before—trying to perfect my being wife to Chiz and mother to his two children.”

    For now, Heart admits plans for a baby of her own have been put on hold. With everything she is doing, she feels the timing isn’t right yet. She wants to focus a hundred percent on her pregnancy when the blessing comes.

    “Hindi ko rin siguro makakayanan if all at the same time. That’s why I want everything planned. I want to enjoy whatever I have or whatever I do. There also are Chiz’ two kids whom I would like to raise with him. I want to give them my full attention too. I want them to feel how much I love them by giving them time so that when the new member of the family comes, we will all be ready,” Heart averred.

    Besides Follow Your Heart, the actress has also started taping for Mulawin Versus Ravena where she plays the new character Alwina. “It’s not easy,” Heart swore, referring to the fight routines and flying scenes that she has to do. “I’m so thankful that the people in charge of the scenes are so nice and patient. I tell you those scenes are hard to do.”

    She added, “But what excites me really is I am working with my friends like Lovi [Poe], Carla [Abellana] and Dennis [Trillo]. And, of course, I love fantasy. I’m a person whose imagination is so rich. I have a very playful mind when it comes to a lot of things. I’m so excited. I’m very excited!”

    * * *

    Speaking of Mulawin Versus Ravena, Showbuzz had the privilege of being present at the very first costume fitting of the stars of the gigantic GMA telefantasya. Excitement was written all over the faces of the Kapuso stars as they tried their costumes for the first time. Present during the fitting session were Heart Evangelista, Carla Abellana, Dion Ignacio, and Dennis Trillo.

    Both Dennis and Carla said they had goosebumps when they wore their impressive costumes for the first time. “I really had goosebumps because It was 14 years ago when I last wore this costume. Mulawin was my first big role in GMA and from there, projects came one by one. Parang nagbukas siya sa akin ng doors for more opportunity.

    Dennis Trillo

    In the first Mulawin, Dennis, as Gabriel, was the third wheel in the love story of Aguiluz and Alwina.

    “I’m so happy that our writers were able to create a new story and this time, it will revolve around Gabriel. I’m so happy that I was tapped again to play the same character. Another thing, Mulawin Versus Ravena is something like a breather for me after doing a string of dramas and matagal na rin akong hindi gumawa ng fantasy kaya sobra kong excited.”

    For Carla, doing Mulawin Versus Ravena is such a welcome experience. This is the first time she’s doing fantasy and she’s so thankful she is part of this very big project. “The first time I looked at the mirror wearing my costume as Aviona, kinilabutan talaga ko. I told myself, ‘This is it. Wala nang urungan.’ I’m so happy with my costume because it has earth color tones, then there’s a touch of lilac that makes it kinda feminine. Nakakatuwa nga because they really had to make adjustments because I lost weight since the time they took my measurement. Yaay! That means my long hours at the gym and my diet are paying-off,” she enthused.

    Some of the members of the cast like Dennis, Carla and Heart have started taping. In the coming days, other stars of Mulawin Versus Ravena like Derrick Monasterio, Bea Binene, Kiko Estrada, Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali are already scheduled to face the camera for this exciting project.

    * * *

    Because Derrick and Bea will start getting busy with Mulawin, their Sunday night comedy-fantasy show Tsuperhero will have to say goodbye. They had their last taping day for the show on Tuesday and it will be aired on Sunday, April 23.

    In the finale episode, there is a wedding scene for Nonoy and Eva, the pair’s characters. By some stroke of faith something will happen during the ceremony. Will the wedding push through? Will it be a happily ever after ending for Nonoy and Eva?

    “Actually, it’s an open-ended story in the last episode. It’s like saying stay tuned for the continuation of Tsuperhero,” Derrick quipped.

    “It’s actually good that it’s open-ended because we really can’t tell—before you know it, Tsuperhero might be back on air. Baka after Mulawin, we will be back. Parang season break lang. Madaling balikan or ituloy ang kwento because open-ended nga,” Bea seconded.

    All the same, Derrick and Bea are sad to end the show, which they have come to love. “I will miss everyone here. In the six months that we did this show together, we have become a family already. I just hope we will work together again,” said Bea.

    “I enjoyed working with everyone. This is a happy set because lahat kami comfortable sa isa’t isa,” Derrick stated. “Nag-uusap nga kami nina Kuya Gabby [Concepcion], Tita Alma [Moreno] and Kuya Betong. Everyone is saying they really feel so sad. I just wish that Tsuperhero will make a comeback. Sobrang napamahal na rin sa akin ang character ni Tsuperhero that I am willing to do it for another 20 years.”

    * * *

    SHORTS… The cast of the newest GMA afternoon prime offering D’Originals gathered together on Monday afternoon to watch the pilot episode of the drama-comedy series. While watching, they got feedback from viewers through Twitter and their Facebook Live.

    LJ Reyes, on behalf of her co-stars, was very grateful for the positive response received. The show has a very realistic story about original wives and other women. What makes it different are the comic elements injected in the scenes. The superb acting of the cast led by Jaclyn Jose, Katrina Halili, Mark Herras, Kim Domingo, Jestoni Alarcon, Archie Alemanya, Meg Imperial and LJ of course make it more fun to watch

    … Balladeer Gerald Santos is set to fly to London on May 6. He was chosen, among the many who auditioned to play the role of Thuy in the Miss Saigon UK tour. It was not an easy road to Miss Saigon for Gerald who was a grand winner of GMA’s Pinoy Pop Superstar in 2006. He had to undergo different layers of audition until he was chosen. He is now in the thick of preparations, enrolling in classical voice lessons, dance and yes, even speech. Gerald will be with another Filipino theater actor in the Miss Saigon UK tour, joining Red Concepcion who will be playing the role of The Engineer.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? These two young actors should learn their lessons fast. Their sexual preference was accidentally discovered by another co-actor. The two young actors were secretly exchanging pics of their private parts with matching romantic (and erotic?) messages, when one of them accidentally sent it to the co-actor. The co-actor forwarded it to another actor friend and before long, the picture was already circulating in their circle! One of the young actors decided to transfer to another network when he realized that his circle of friends already know his big secret.


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